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Spring break in less than 8 hours!!

I am so excited to be leaving Harvard for spring break in less than 8 hours! I’ll be in Miami with my roommate Becca for the week and could not be more excited. My mom is from Miami so my family always went there during school vacations when I was younger, so by now I know the city pretty well.

I’m looking forward to a relaxing week that will be a welcome change of pace from Harvard life. The main things on our to-do list are sleeping, sitting by the pool, working out, going out to eat, and shopping- all things we usually do NOT have time to do at school! I’m also super excited for warm weather, though this week was so warm in Boston that I definitely can’t complain.

However, between now and when I leave in the morning I have quite a few things I still need to do! I still need to write a 3-5 page essay for my Economics seminar, pick something up from CVS, go to the ATM, get some HC things squared away before I leave, and – oh yeah – pack for Florida. Somehow it will all happen…!

For those of you who are also about to start spring break, have a wonderful week! I’ll be blogging from Florida :)

Also- congrats to my roommate and Delta Gamma sister Ali who just turned in her Senior Thesis and was featured in today’s Harvard Crimson as a student who undertook a joint thesis (in her case Art History & Economics)!

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