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A Spooky HC Playlist

Hello Readers —

Halloween is only ten days away, and in honor of that, I present to you the spookiest HC playlist ever. From horror film theme songs (I jolt everytime I hear The Exorcist) to the classic October 31st tunes (The monster mash is a graveyard smash!), head on over the homepage to take a listen… if you dare.

Before you do, check out this homemade music video to a Panic! At The Disco original, “It’s Almost Halloween.” Super infectious! [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iTFnNU3AYg&ob=av2e]

What is your favorite Halloween song? Fill us in in the comments section below!

HC Love,


Gennifer is the Branded Content Specialist for Her Campus Media. In her role, she manages all sponsored content across platforms including editorial, social, and newsletters. As one of HC's first-ever writers, she previously wrote about career, college life, and more as a national writer during her time at Hofstra University. She also helped launch the How She Got There section, where she interviewed inspiring women in various industries. She lives in New York City.
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