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Review: “101 Things To Do Before You Graduate”

Every collegiette™ should have a to do list. But I’m not talking about the type that breaks down your class assignments and all of the odds and ends you need to get done by the end of the week. I’m talking about a life to do list – a giant list of all the things you want to accomplish in your lifetime.

“101 Things To Do Before You Graduate” is a guide based on exactly this concept. Broken down into sections that vary from “Academic” to “Personal Growth,” authors Patricia Hudak and Jullien Gordon offer up 101 goals to accomplish before you walk across the stage and get your diploma.

Some items, like “ask a question in class” or “go to office hours,” you will have done without even thinking to write them down. Others, like “interview your elders” or “buy your own domain name” are valuable suggestions you may not realize are helpful until years down the line.

The introduction texts can be a bit preachy – I don’t need a book to tell me that I shouldn’t party or sleep until noon, I am in college after all. It’s perfectly reasonable for a young woman to go out and have a good time with her girlfriends on the weekends while at the same time keeping a balance and being responsible. Regardless, the actual descriptions of each goal, complete with information on how to accomplish each task, are well written and easy to follow. Plus, the book is accompanied by a website which offers additional information and resources.

Some of my favorite suggestions include “Google yourself and edit your online image,” “go on a road trip or camping trip,” “make a list of all your skills” and “write a letter of forgiveness.”

Of course not all 101 suggestions are relevant. Some, like “get your real estate license,” “write a business plan,” “wear a costume to class” and “run a marathon” seem unrealistic, unnecessary or just plain embarrassing. Who wants to wear a costume to class unless it’s Halloween?!

This guide is a perfect gift for a soon-to-be college freshman, eager to enter to the big bad world of college. Or, if you’re looking for a guide to help start your own life to do list, this book is certainly a great place to start. Grab a pen and check off the ones you’ve done, cross out the ones you know you won’t do, and circle the ones you’d love to accomplish. Then follow the last suggestion – make a list of your own!

Now go out there & get ’em done!

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Rachel Kossman


Rachel Kossman is a Northeastern University graduate, and former Her Campus Campus Correspondent. She spent her junior and senior years writing for Her Campus National, and is thrilled to be back contributing to the Post Graduate section.Rachel is currently working as Associate Editor for DAYSPA magazine, an industry publication for spa owners, where she gets to write about spa products, business tips, spa industry news, focus on green lifestyle content, and even review a spa or two every once in a while! She is currently living back in Los Angeles, where she was born and raised, and though she misses Boston and all her friends out east, is very happy to be away from the cold and snow!
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