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A Recruiter’s Top Tips for Landing the Internship of Your Dreams

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Your first big internship deserves a lot of excitement, especially when it’s in your dream career track! So how do you end up there, working side-by-side with talented colleagues in a friendly, supportive culture where people are open and approachable? Below, Julie Cunha, an Associate and Graduate Recruiter at Deutsche Bank offers her advice for breaking into the world of financial services, touching on everything from building a jaw-dropping resume to nailing your interview like a pro. Take notes, ladies, because these tips are good.

Her Campus: What is the one thing you always look for on a resume? How can a student impress an employer with their application? 

JC: While it’s not necessary for students to have previous experience in finance, I think extracurricular activities are essential. If you are a club president, excelled at a relevant class project, or volunteered during the summer, we want to know. Think of ways to tie these experiences to your application. What was the impact of your work? How has it taught you the skills you need to succeed in the internship you’re applying for? Even if your experiences don’t connect directly with banking, focus on the transferable skills you learned and draw parallels where you can.

While it may sound simple, I think one of the most important aspects of a resume is the format. You want to make sure you’re always keeping your long-term goals in mind and be sure to check and re-check for spelling errors.

HC: What is the best way to get noticed and begin to build relationships with recruiters? How can students begin to build their personal brands? 

JC: If the company is hosting events at your university, meeting the recruiters face-to-face is always the easiest way to build a relationship. Recruiters are generally in their roles because they want to help students find a job, so don’t feel intimidated to strike up a conversation. If there aren’t any events taking place at your school, you can always reach out to the recruiters via LinkedIn. Your emails and communications should be short and sweet, but make sure to include the position you are interested in along with a resume.

In order to build your personal brand, you must identify your strengths, ambitions and goals, as these will guide your personal branding efforts and help keep you consistent. Identify and own what makes you unique. These three things can help drive all of your interactions from the people you encounter to your social media presence.

HC: How important is a candidate’s social media presence in terms of applying to an internship? Are there specific things a candidate should look for or even avoid? 

JC: It is likely that employers will be viewing your profile so keep all social media sites professional and remove anything that would leave a bad impression. Take a look at the photos and content you’re posting on social media. Ask yourself if they accurately reflect how you want to be seen by employers, whether they’re career-related or not? It is also important to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date with your latest achievements and projects.

HC: How do you nail phone/face-to-face interviews? 

JC: Preparation is key. You should not only know your resume inside and out, but also research the position and company ahead of time. Having a strong understanding of the internship will help you relate your skills and abilities to the position. You should always have thoughtful questions prepared based off of your research as well, so the interviewer is aware of your genuine interest in the company. And be confident! Don’t be afraid to showcase your skills and talk about your achievements.

HC: Why should a non-business major consider a career in banking, and specifically at Deutsche Bank? 

JC: At Deutsche Bank, we think qualities like resiliency and curiosity are more important than your major. No matter what your background is, it’s inevitable that you’ll face problems you’ve never encountered before. How do you deal with that? Are you able to keep calm, focus, and break down the problem into manageable tasks that you can then tackle?  That’s the kind of thoughtfulness that we look for in the people we hire, and we realize that these qualities aren’t only present in business majors. There may be a bit of a learning curve when it comes to the financial side, but we can teach everything you need to know if you’re are willing to learn and ask questions. We even created an Unofficial Guide to Banking to help people without a business background better understand the industry.

HC: What is it about Deutsche Banks’s internship offerings that a candidate should be excited about? 

JC: Our internships give you exceptional exposure to our organization while at the same time offering a very supportive environment. We provide a strong mentorship program, networking opportunities, and easy access to senior management. Once you join, it is clear from the start that everyone genuinely wants you to succeed. Because our internships are a rich source of talent for the Deutsche Bank Graduate Training Program, yours could also launch a long-term career with us.

Are you feeling next level yet? Obviously, every internship and company are different, but by following this advice closely, you’re more likely to spend the summer interning at the company of your professional dreams.

While you’re on this inspiration-high, we can’t let you go without mentioning the incredible opportunities available through Deutsche Bank’s Internship Program. Spanning a huge variety of locations and career paths, look forward to finding your perfect spot in investment banking, technology, and more at a leading global bank. Learn more about available positions with Deutsche Bank.

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