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Never Get a Real Job!

Stephanie, Annie, and I are members of something called the Young Entrepreneur Council. The council is comprised of people like us who have decided to go off on our own and run our own businesses rather than getting "real" jobs. The mission of the Young Entrepreneur Council is to help other young people build their own successful businesses and to fight the epidemics of youth unemployment and underemployment.

The guy who founded the council is Scott Gerber, a serial entrepreneur, syndicated small business columnist and now, author! Scott's first book, Never Get a “Real” Job, came out today and is now available in bookstores nationwide.

Below is a brief write-up about Scott's book that he sent me. I think that the entire premise is really awesome - I can tell you from personal experience that starting and running your own businesses is one of the most personally and professionally fulfilling things in the world.

Check out this write-up about his new book:

It's Time to Destroy Your Resume

and Be Your Own Boss

With over 100 million young people unemployed or underemployed worldwide, now more than ever it's evident that the age-old mantra of 'work hard, get good grades, go to school and get a job' is dead. Gen Y needs a new game plan.

They need to Never Get a "Real" Job.

A twenty-something hustler, rainmaker, and bootstrapper who has survived and thrived despite never having held the proverbial "real" job, Scott Gerber is the ultimate "Generation Y-er." He's a self-taught serial entrepreneur who built several successful businesses without storied business connections, a business school background, executive training—or investment dollars. And in Never Get a "Real" Job, he shows you how he succeeded so you can overcome today's chronic conditions of mass unemployment, underemployment, and dead-end 9-to-5s.

Gerber gives you the no-bull reality on turning your business idea into a viable enterprise capable of generating real income now—based on his hard-knocks lessons learned in the entrepreneurial trenches. From the perils of doing too much too fast, to bogging down a promising start-up with infrastructure long before it's needed, Gerber has experienced firsthand how you can sabotage your own business. Never Get a "Real" Job will help you avoid the costly mistakes that can take down your enterprise at any time, helping you to get off the ground, establish your business, and keep it successfully up and running.

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