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My TV obsession: Say Yes to the Dress

One of the great things about being at home is having a TV, and cable!  Our TV at school did not get any channels, so we just used it to watch DVDs.  So being able to watch TV again (other than just watching my shows on my laptop) is exciting.

My TV obsession of the moment is Say Yes to the Dress, on TLC.  It’s a reality show at the bridal shop Kleinfeld’s in NYC, and each episode shows a few different brides shopping for their dresses.  I LOVE it!  I always used to watch it when I was at the gym, but now that I’m at home, I’ve been DVR-ing it on our TV so I get to watch TONS of episodes.  Each episode is only a half hour and there are a bunch on every day.  There are repeats on from 11am-12pm every weekday, which is when I would usually catch it at the gym, and then sometimes it’s on 5-6pm, and then there are new episodes on Friday nights.

The show is really interesting because you see everything from the consultants’ point of view (the consultants are the people who work at Kleinfeld’s) as salespeople, as well as from the brides’ point of view as brides-to-be.

Anyone else love this show???

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