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Must Read Blog: Jesus is My Roommate

For us college students, there are plenty of things we're afraid of. Debt. Failing a class. Retaking a class. Sharks. Not landing a job post-grad. More sharks. Another practically universal fear? Heading home after pursuing our higher education. For 26-year-old Kelly Immordino, that last fear came true after she completed her law degree and became roomies with her 73-year-old Italian grandmother in Princeton, New Jersey.
In "S!@# My Dad Says" style, Kelly chronicles everything Nonna says from the offensive to the hilarious. "What used to be passing, funny stories I told at school, became everyday life," Kelly says.

She's been blogging for over 18 months, "documenting what life is like when insults and crass comments are dished out like extra servings of spaghetti." One of the blog's highlights is day 117 when Nonna joins the "Pen15 Club." Here's an excerpt:

Nonna:  “You think your sister playin this game?  I don think so…you sister don like these things.”
Me: (My 17 year old sister obviously plays these games) Oh, I’m sure she jokes around.
Nonna: No is not. She don seem like that kind of person.

I thought that conversation ended there…but later in the day, Nonna brought it up again:

Nonna: That penis game is funny.  You playin when you was younger?

Me:  Yup.
Nonna: I gonna tell you, the thing is just one, its not a nice game.
Me: I know.
Nonna: You knowin but you play anyway?
Me: Yes.
Nonna: I don think you were that kind of em person.
Me: I was. I still am.
Nonna: Your sister not.
Me: Yes she is.
Me: She’s seventeen.
Nonna: So…just because you were shitty at seventeen don mean she is too.
Me: True…

Hilarious, right? "Believe me, the 'lessons' I've learned along the way are as priceless as the looks I get when I tell the stories. Yes, this is actually my life, and yes, Jesus is actually my roommate," Kelly says.

Will you check out Jesus is My Roommate? What are some of your favorite blogs? Weigh in below!

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