5 Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs That Actually Work

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As a new (ish) entrepreneur, I’ve started to realize what works for me and I wanted to take the time to share this with you all. Being your own boss is great (and I am grateful for it every single day) but it takes a certain amount of motivation and tactics to stay on track. Here are my five proven productivity tips that have worked for me:

1. Make to-do lists

This may come as a no-brainer, but I don’t think people realize how important it is to write it down. I find I will have a task weighing on my mind for months and until I actually write it in my agenda, it doesn’t get completed. Every morning I wake up and I look at my to-do list (I will usually have written up a few tasks the night before). This helps me get clarity on what I need to get done for the day and which direction my day is going if I have events, appointments, etc.

2. Keep your space clean

This is a proven tactic, if you keep your space devoid of clutter, your mind actually feels more organized. I know this to be true back to my 9-5 days. When my desk was cluttered with papers, printable calendars and sticky notes a plenty, I felt like I couldn’t get it together.

3. Schedule it out

Learning to schedule at the beginning of the week or day has made the biggest difference. I no longer feel super stressed when I have to run out of the office because I know my content is set to go live when its supposed to. You can’t always be on the computer (despite what people think) so its nice to break up your day without having to worry if you’re being too silent on the social media side.

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