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Here’s How to Get a Chance to Gain Valuable Career Experience – *and* Win a 3-Month Intrapreneurship To Paris

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Whether you like to code as a side hustle, or can be found making detailed plans for a future business in beauty, there’s no better feeling than being excited and passionate about something. And, if you’re someone who is always looking for their next passion project, or dreams about running their own company one day, then you need to register for the L’Oréal Brandstorm competition.

Former Brandstorm participant and current Junior Marketing Associate at L’Oréal, Catherine Park (She/Her) explains Brandstorm as “a competition hosted by L’Oréal, where you build up a team to come up with new innovative ideas for the company (L’Oréal) and the beauty industry.” 

“You will have the opportunity to work with L’Oréal mentors who are experts in the field,” Catherine said. “[They] will help guide you through the art of storytelling, presentation pitches, and a better understanding of what it takes to build a business.”

Each year, Brandstorm chooses a different, unique theme for the competition. This year, it’s all about the digital world, and participants will be tasked with creating innovative ideas in the beauty space across VR, AR, AI, Gaming, NFTs, and the Metaverse. So, if you know a thing or two about technology and are interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry or the digital world, then this is a great opportunity to help you add to your resume – especially if your dream job is working in beauty.

Evridiki Ladas (She/Her), another former Brandstorm participant who was hired by L’Oréal post-competition, said that signing up for Brandstorm helped her get to where she is today as a Junior Marketing Associate for Biolage.

Catherine Parks (SHe/Her)
Junior Marketing Associate at L’Oréal for Kiehl’s
Evridiki Ladas (She/Her)
Junior Marketing Associate at L’Oréal for Biolage

“This unique experience helped me with my career path as I became determined to be a part of [L’Oréal’s] groundbreaking community,” Evridiki said. “Brandstorm is immensely rewarding and valuable to the participants in many ways, [and] I took pride in the strategy my team and I created. Even if you don’t win the final prize, participating in a competition hosted by leaders in the beauty industry is valuable.”

Winners of the 2023 Brandstorm competition will head to Paris for a 3-month intrapreneurship in the L’Oréal Global Offices. While they’re living in Paris – with all expenses totally covered – they’ll have the chance to network with L’Oréal executives, develop their Brandstorm project and watch it come to life, and learn from the impressive experts in the beauty industry. 

But winning isn’t all there is to it – there is also so much to gain, like growing your community and network. 

“My favorite part [about] participating in Brandstorm is the community and networking aspects,” Evridiki said. “The community of Brandstormers ranges across the world, so you are able to connect with others that have similar interests and aspirations, [and work together] to make an impact in the beauty industry.”

Catherine agrees, and explains that Brandstorm is more than a competition – it’s also a networking tool – and she said one of her favorite parts about participating was the relationships she built throughout her journey.

“Participating in Brandstorm will open many doors for you…and widen your network,” Catherine explains. “It helped me evolve my relationships with my professors and personal mentors, and introduce me to marketing experts and L’Oréal professionals,” Catherine said, expressing her enthusiasm about how she “had the opportunity to present to top L’Oréal executives from Paris alongside teams from Indonesia and Spain.”

Each Brandstorm team is paired with a L’Oréal marketing expert who will help them with their project by making suggestions and edits, and providing feedback, as both a guide and a mentor. Evridiki said that during her time with Brandstorm, she learned a lot about “how to bring your idea to life in a way that can be adaptable for all in the world.”

In addition to skills to add to your resume, networking opportunities, and a chance to live and work in Paris for 3-months, it can also help you land your dream job. Plus, anyone who submits a project to the final stage of the competition will be enrolled in 3 months of Coursera through the L’Oréal BOOST program and will have the opportunity to attend an exclusive workshop with the L’Oréal Recruitment team to discuss all things career advice, resumes and interview preparation.

“Being a part of this community shifted my perspective on how I want my career to look,” Evridiki said. “Brandstorm is a remarkable opportunity that everyone interested should give a try [and] although it might seem scary, take the leap – you just might land on the next idea the beauty industry needs.”

Are you feeling inspired, and ready to create innovative ideas with a talented team of like-minded individuals? Then, what are you waiting for? Register for Brandstorm right now to gain valuable career experience and have the chance to win a 3-month intrapreneurship to Paris!

Good luck!

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