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Indecisive Woman

Props if you can figure out the pun in the title. (Sorry; I don’t have a real prize to give out.) My quandary is the following: deciding which pair of black equestrian-inspired boots I should buy. My beloved Harvard Square boutiques have utterly failed me.

  • The Tannery: $250 boots = way too much for my college student budget (I need a boyfriend like Windsor’s).
  • Berk’s: My usual go-to place. I put two pairs of boots on hold (which cost me a deposit of $40! what in the world!!), but feel uneasy about the questionable quality-to-cost ratio.
  • Aldo: Too mass-produced for my taste.
  • Monella: Absolutely nothing in my size (5.5)!!!
  • Mudo: Same.

THIS IS TRAGIC. People, what I did next was a defining moment in my life. I know this will make me sound like a sad, sheltered child…but bear with me here. Yes, what I did next was get on the laptop and jump into the world of online shopping. I fastidiously scoured Zappo’s, eBay, DSW.com, endless, and even shoes.com (the name of which astonishes me with its dumb simplicity in contrast with such arbitrary/ambiguous yet now familiar mainstays as Amazon, Yahoo, and J.Crew……..but that was a tangent). Anyway, is it just me, or is online shopping a highly uncomfortable situation? You can either barely make out the features of the product, or are assaulted by an exaggerated zooming tool. Both of which are altogether unhelpful in establishing a sense of the product’s physical appearance. Also, I like the sense of touch and would like to touch my shoes before I buy them. For all of these reasons, I do not favor online shopping and will avoid it whenever possible (therefore I again blame Harvard Square for failing me). Phew! Enough of my rant. Onto my boots! I thought I would share my decision-making process with the HC community, so if you feel so inclined, vote on which shoe I should buy in the poll at the bottom of the page!* If you feel tremendously passionate about my cause, you can even leave a comment with a link to another great boot I haven’t listed!! :)

Option 1. Franco Sarto “Saddle” – $100

Pro: This boot is just beautiful.
Con: Will the lacing get annoying after a while?

Option 2. Calvin Klein “Tara” – $100

Pro: I love the concept of those elastic bands!
Con: I fear my jeans will bunch weirdly under it…

Option 3. LAUREN Ralph Lauren “Myra” – $114

Pro: Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite designers. End of story.

Option 4. Santana “Aquatherm Deena 2” – $110

Pro: Waterproof cuz it’s basically a rainboot.
Con: It’s basically a rainboot.

Option 5. Dolce Vita “Tessa” – $115

Pro: I love this silhouette!! So sleek and different from the others!

Con: Not sure about the uneven edge on the side.

* I do not guarantee that I will go with the People’s Choice. Nor do I have a real prize to give out to the person who picks the boot I end up buying. (Basically, no real prizes from me. Ever.)


All my LOVE, Annie <3

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