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Identities 2011: Review and Pictures of Harvard Fashion Show + Exclusive Bryanboy Interview!

Windsor and I were in for a treat when we attended this year’s Identities, a student-produced fashion show at Harvard focused around Asian-American culture.  It was my second year attending, and Windsor’s first.  We got to sit front and center thanks to our press passes (love my job!), and also got to chat with super duper famous fashion blogger extraordinaire Bryanboy (read on for our exclusive video interview with him!) before the show!

The show was held in Harvard’s gorgeous Memorial Hall, which usually functions as the freshman dining hall, Harry Potter style.  A few hundred were in attendance.
Here’s what Windsor and I wore:

I’m in a Nicole Miller dress, Chinese Laundry heels, and Chanel handbag.  Windsor’s in a French Connection dress, Franco Sarto heels, and Gucci handbag.

Bryanboy and me!  We’re showing off our matching quilted Chanel bags!
Windsor interviewed Bryanboy about his thoughts on college fashion, what he was wearing, and more!

I appreciated how many of the looks that went down the catwalk were not too high fashion-y and therefore were more relatable to me.  It’s fun to dream and gape in awe at outrageous, prohibitively expensive fashion, too, but my favorite looks from Identities were more within grasp, and I found that incredibly enticing.

I’ve recently been obsessed with finding great print pieces after realizing what an art it is to actually make a quality print (I’m thinking Marc Jacobs and this video about Italian printmaking).  How lucky I was that Identities devoted an entire segment to prints!  These really made me want to go off and relax at a resort somewhere…

Designer Anna Sui was honored with this year’s Leadership in the Arts Award, conferred by Identities annually to recognize outstanding Asian-Americans in the fashion industry (last year, Vera Wang was the first recipient).  She’s flanked by producers Ashley Kang ’12 and Jane Chun ’12.

Here’s a recap video we put together with some Identities 2011 highlights:

A bunch of my friends were models in Identities this year – here I am with my friend Meewon (at left)!  And here’s my brother David and me (at right)!

A big thanks to the Identities board for a phenomenal show!

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