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How She Got There: Nikki Ogunnaike, Online Style Editor of Glamour Magazine

Name: Nikki Ogunnaike
Age: 27
Job Title/Description: Online Style Editor of Glamour Magazine
College/major: University of Virginia/ Sociology Major, Media Studies Minor
Twitter Handle: @nikkiogun

What was your first entry-level job in your field and how did you get it?

Nikki Ogunnaike: I was a fashion assistant at Vanity Fair. After interning at Elle.com for six months after [graduating] college and interviewing everywhere, I finally landed a gig at Vanity Fair. I left after a year and went to InStyle, where I was an [editorial assistant] for two years and then promoted to Assistant Editor.

What’s a typical day like for you? What does your job entail?

NO: No two days are the same, but they include blogging, editing content, brainstorming and executing long form pieces, and attending market showroom appointments for both fashion and beauty brands.

What is one thing you wish you knew about your industry when you first started out that you know now?

NO: Everyone knows everyone.

Who is one person who changed your professional life for the better?

NO: Joe Berean—he’s my fashion guardian angel! He gave me [my] first internship (at Glamour in 2005!), and has helped me in my career ever since.

Is there a quote you live by?

NO: “Be nice.”

What is the best part of your job?

NO: Discovering new everything! It’s amazing to meet emerging designers, learn about new brands etc.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Do you have a dream job?

NO: Not sure where I’ll be in 10 years. When I graduated from college, blogs and online websites barely existed, so it’s a very pleasant surprise that I’m working at Glamour.com. I’m open to anything.

What advice would you give to a 20-something with similar aspirations?

NO: Work hard, learn from anyone and everyone you encounter, you’re not above anything, and be patient. Things will work out! 

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