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Holiday cheer from the Wang family!

My holiday has been full of fun with the family…here are a few of my favorite shots from the past few weeks!

Here I am with a cutie from the local pet store! My mom and I love the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed :) We are always clamoring to get another puppy (in addition to Cosette, below!)

One of my favorite things to make is GUACAMOLE! While living in NYC this summer with Windsor and Steph, I made batches and batches of this stuff (and got really good at it)! So for our first family dinner this winter break, my brother David requested that I make some guac. I stuffed the guac back into the avocado skins and then added some tomato wedges and tortilla chips!

I also really enjoy wrapping presents. It makes Christmas so much more fun!! Here’s a gift I wrapped for Dad from David and me. Isn’t it pretty?? :) We got him some CD’s!

My friend Joseph and I also made some candy care packages/Christmas gifts for our fellow AACF praise band members! We stuffed mini candies into cellophane bags, wrote a short note for each one, and tied it all up with gorgeous gold rice paper. As a finishing touch, we placed a shiny bow thing on top! (seriously, what are those things called?!)

Every year we take our own family portraits with the Christmas tree! Here’s my favorite shot of all of us:

Here’s David and me:

And here’s me!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! :)


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