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Her Conference 2022 Is The Event Of The Summer: Here’s What You Need To Know

The event of the summer season is coming up, and you don’t want to miss it: Her Conference 2022 will be held in New York City on June 11, featuring a stacked lineup of experts in media and beyond, panels tailored for the modern Gen Z professional, and exciting perks for attendees (personal tarot readings, anyone?). If you’re wondering what’s in store for Her Campus’s biggest event of the year, or how to snag your tickets so you don’t miss out, here’s everything you need to know about Her Conference, from who will be speaking to all the cool free stuff you can score.

What is Her Conference?

Back in person for the first time since the pandemic started, Her Conference is an annual conference for the Her Campus community around the world. Chapter leaders, writers, community members, and influencers from all over the world will be coming together at the Mezzanine in downtown New York City for a full day of networking, goal-setting, skill-building, and more.

Not only will you get to learn from industry leaders, celebrities, and Gen Z changemakers, you’ll also have a chance to connect with other young professionals just like you, and get inspired for your next personal and professional steps.

Who’s going to be there?

We’ve announced four keynote speakers: Hannah Berner, Jessica Pressler, Meena Harris, and Coco Jones.

Berner is a comedian, mental health advocate, and the host of two hit podcasts: Berning In Hell, where she interviews celebrities, entrepreneurs, and more about the ups and downs of their supposedly glamorous lives, and the hilarious Giggly Squad, which she co-hosts with Paige DeSorbo. Berner’s grown platforms with hundreds of thousands of followers on both Instagram , Twitter, and TikTok, she also previously co-hosted Bravo’s Chat Room and was a cast member of Bravo’s Summer House, which she appeared on for three seasons.

As for Pressler, you might recognize her as the journalist behind the New York Magazine article that served as the inspiration for Netflix and Shondaland’s Inventing Anna, which came out earlier this year. She has an upcoming book, ​​Bad Influence: Money, Lies, Power, and the World that Created Anna Delvey to be published in August 2022. Pressler was also the brains behind the article that inspired 2019’s Hustlers, starring Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu and directed by Lorene Scafaria. In addition to New York Magazine, Pressler has written for GQ, Elle, Esquire, and Smithsonian.

Harris is the founder and CEO of Phenomenal, a groundbreaking media company that aims to amplify the stories and experiences of women and underrepresented communities. In addition to her entrepreneurial work, Harris is a lawyer with expertise in consumer protection, data privacy, and cybersecurity. She’s also the author of two books, including Ambitious Girl, which made her a #1 New York Times bestselling author when she released it in January 2021.

You can find final keynote speaker Jones currently starring on the Peacock series Bel-Air as Hilary Banks. An actress and singer, Jones is best known for her starring role in Disney Channel’s Let It Shine as Roxanne Andrews. She also brought her talents to Broadway in 2015, starring as Jane in Robert DeNiro’s production of A Bronx Tale. Most recently, Jones was signed to Def Jam Recordings where she’s been working with renowned music producers, and released her first single “Caliber” on March 25, with more new music coming this summer.

In addition to the keynote speakers, there’s also a variety of panelists from different industries and backgrounds to get excited for.

Experts in media from The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, Vox, GQ, Teen Vogue, and more will grace the Her Conference stage. For the TikTok fanatics, Eli Rallo (@thejarr) and Mandy Lee (@oldloserinbrooklyn) will be making an appearance. More of an entrepreneurial type? Come to Her Conference and you can learn a thing or two from self-starters like Naomi Lilly of NAL Media, Paola Ochoa of Teen Boss Babes, and Shelcy Joseph of NYCxClothes. Plus, current and aspiring activists can look forward to hearing from Gen Z Girl Gang founder Deja Foxx and Sofia Ongele from Gen-Z For Change.

Check out the full Her Conference lineup to get pumped for all the amazing speakers.

What’s the schedule for the day?

You can view the full Her Conference program, which runs from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., on the Her Conference website. It’s a jam-packed day (with a few coffee breaks in between, don’t worry) that includes chapter sessions for Her Campus chapter leaders, the InfluenceHer Collective Awards, keynotes with Berner, Pressler, and more, and conversations every young journalist, content creator, and activist will want to hear.

Panels will center on topics like “Logging Off?: Protecting Your Wellbeing When Your Job is Extremely Online,” “Does the ‘Dream Job’ Even Still Exist?: Mapping Out Your Ambition in Uncharted Territory,” “Acting Up: Activism and Effecting Change When It Feels Like Everything Is On Fire,” and more. Simply put, this is an experience tailored to the personal and professional needs and interests of Gen Z college students — nobody is doing it like Her Conference, and you won’t want to miss out.

I can’t wait! Where can I buy tickets?

So glad you asked. You can buy tickets right now on the Her Conference website to secure your place as part of the action. There are two ticket options available: an in-person pass for $50, a virtual access pass that’s totally free.

The in-person pass will get you much more than just a seat to watch the panelists and keynote speakers do their thing. You’ll also get to:

  • Fill your Baggu (!!) goody bag with products and gifts from Little Words Project, Verb, Glow Recipe, Megababe, Viktor & Rolf, Valentino Beauty and more!
  • Get a personal tarot reading from incredible psychic and pro witch Sarah Potter
  • Grab lunch on us with a Visa gift card to use at any of the delicious restaurants nearby
  • Get your new profile pic taken by two popular Gen Z photographers at our headshot station, sponsored by Bumble
  • Take your pick from Hallmark’s most popular greeting cards and write a message to your new conference besties — we’ll be mailing them out for you! 
  • Capture and post content for your story or TikTok without worries of a low battery — CeraVe is powering Her Conference 2022 with free wifi and charging stations
  • Enjoy drinks and snacks from Tony’s Chocolonely, Hippeas, Pop & Bottle, Kin Euphorics, Sound Water and more!
  • Check out our exclusive Her Conference tee and all-new merch at the Her Campus Shop
  • Meet your new hype squad of other writers, creators, and leaders from our Her Campus community
  • Start manifesting your goals and living your dream life, today

No worries if you can’t make it to NYC for the big day — the digital-only pass will still get you access to select digital conference content after the event, so you won’t miss out on all the action. Get your tickets today, and start looking forward to the next exciting step in your career!

Erica Kam is the Life Editor at Her Campus. She oversees the life, career, and news verticals on the site, including academics, experience, high school, money, work, and Her20s coverage. Over her six years at Her Campus, Erica has served in various editorial roles on the national team, including as the previous Culture Editor and as an editorial intern. She has also interned at Bustle Digital Group, where she covered entertainment news for Bustle and Elite Daily. She graduated in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in English and creative writing from Barnard College, where she was the senior editor of Columbia and Barnard’s Her Campus chapter and a deputy copy editor for The Columbia Spectator. When she's not writing or editing, you can find her dissecting K-pop music videos for easter eggs and rereading Jane Austen novels. She also loves exploring her home, the best city in the world — and if you think that's not NYC, she's willing to fight you on it.