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Here’s How Our Community Connects On Purpose

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my twenties, it’s that relationships matter. Lately, I’ve been reflecting on the people who have made a difference in my life — family, friends, mentors, and even professors. To show my appreciation in a tangible way, I love writing and sending a personalized card to let others know how much they’ve impacted me. There’s something about giving and sending a card that does more — it’s a simple and intentional way to send someone a positive affirmation and show them you care.

Recently, my friend moved to a new state and was feeling nervous about starting her life all over again. I sent her a card in the mail for a bit of encouragement, and she was so excited to receive it! She told me how grateful she was to know that someone was thinking of her during her big life transition. It felt great to play a part in brightening her day, even from miles away.

Being in your twenties definitely feels different than being in college, and growing connections can take a bit more effort than before. Now is a great time to reflect on the people who have made a positive impact in your life, both personally and professionally, and start connecting on purpose. Here are five intentional ways our community is showing gratitude and strengthening relationships with special people in their life by giving and sending cards:

For the person who helps you navigate tough times

Giving or sending a Hallmark card can be an intentional way to express gratitude to someone who has helped you during a challenging time. I love how Rachel is taking a moment to recognize someone who supported her as she was juggling influencer responsibilities, a new puppy, and a career transition! It’s important to honor people who are there for you, especially during your times of need. I especially love how Rachel chose to thank her friend by giving her a handwritten card — it truly shows just how appreciative she is.

For the family members who are always there

It’s nearly impossible not to smile after seeing this special moment between Jenny and her parents! Whether you recently moved home with the ‘rents like Jenny or you’re 100 miles away from family, sending a card is a thoughtful way to show your loved ones you care. Take it from someone in her twenties — your relationship with your parents and family will change during this formative time, so take a moment to show your gratitude today. You can tell these cards are giving Jenny and her fam so much joy, so let this be your sign to reach out to someone who makes you smile today by sending them a card in the mail and surprising them with a little love.

For the supportive career mentor

Mentors, coaches, and former professors have been some of my biggest champions throughout my twenties. If you know someone who continues to help you grow, whether personally or professionally, sending a card is a great way to strengthen your relationships and express how much their support means to you. It’s inspiring to see how Yalon recognizes her business mentor with a Hallmark card that reflects her helpful spirit and reminds her that her mentorship makes a difference.

For your ride-or-die BFF (or your pup!)

Whether you’re thanking your BFF for always supporting you or you want to motivate her to slay the day, giving a mini card is a perfect way to stay connected on purpose and show someone you care. Want to make your roommate’s day? Surprise her with coffee and a mini card on the kitchen table one morning. Does your significant other need a pick-me-up? Leave a mini card in their work bag as a surprise to uplift their day. I love how Molly Kate chooses cards that represent her relationship to each person in her life, like this Mini Hey Girl card, and, of course, a puppy-themed card for her French Bulldog, Lilou.

For your loved ones, near and far

Staying connected to loved ones is super important, especially during your twenties when you’re embarking on a new post-grad life chapter. To bond with loved ones near and far, try sending a card to help strengthen your connections beyond a text message or video call. Hallmark has greeting cards to fit any occasion, and I love how Bailey mixes it up with cards that are both humorous and heartfelt — two sentiments that will be essential for navigating your twenties!

Whether you recently graduated from college, are joining the professional world, or you’re still navigating next steps (psst: you’re not alone!), showing appreciation in a tangible way through a greeting card is a great way to connect on purpose during your twenties and beyond. Check out Hallmark’s variety of greeting cards, and thank someone today for walking alongside you on your journey. Take it from someone in her twenties — relationships matter, and sending a card to someone you care about is a small gesture that can go a long way.

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Tianna was an Associate Editor at Her Campus Media HQ where she covers all things pop culture, entertainment, wellness, and TikTok trends. She graduated from North Carolina State University and received her masters from Columbia University. Tianna currently lives in New York City where you can find her sipping coffee, practicing yoga, and singing show tunes.
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