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The Future of Journalism and the Media

Hi everyone!

Hope you’ve all been enjoying your summer! I’ve been super busy planning my school’s Welcome Week celebration and it’s been a blast! Yesterday I went to an awesome event sponsored by the Hofstra School of Communication called “The Future of Journalism and the Media.” Held in a fancy-schmany spot on campus, two distinguished professors along with The New York Times writer Brian Stelter spoke about where journalism has been and where it might be going.

Some of the things I picked up on:

– Brian, a writer who only recently graduated college (!!!), said that he is a big believer in niche media (something like HerCampus that appeals to college students) as opposed to hyperlocal stuff (a local site like Patch.com). He basically said that there is still room out there for a niche site that appeals to a group you’re a part of. So follow in Stephanie, Windsor, and Annie’s footsteps and start something that you love that doesn’t exist yet.

– Twitter is ESSENTIAL. Brian explained that this is how journalists converse online. Journalists are growing more and more opinionated, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. He said to make sure that even when you work for a big institution, you need to be able to stand on your own as a brand. So increase your follower count! You want to show that you can build a readership on your own.

– Professor Bob Papper discussed the 3-screen approach- computer monitor, mobile phone, and TV. He said that even with the growing popularity of mobile and computer, people are still watching A LOT of television.

– Professor Kelly Fincham writes for IrishCentral.com. She told us about the launch of the site, and how she learned about SEO, the importance of catchy but searchable headlines, and more. Having the knowledge to write the content is essential, but having technical skills (like shooting/editing video, etc.) nowadays is just as important. So aspiring journalists take note! As Papper stated, “We’re never going back,” so embrace it.

That’s it for now, HCers! Let me know what you’re doing this summer via Twitter!

PS. I have two fall internship interviews within the next week… WISH ME LUCK! :) xoxo

Gennifer is the Branded Content Specialist for Her Campus Media. In her role, she manages all sponsored content across platforms including editorial, social, and newsletters. As one of HC's first-ever writers, she previously wrote about career, college life, and more as a national writer during her time at Hofstra University. She also helped launch the How She Got There section, where she interviewed inspiring women in various industries. She lives in New York City.
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