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10 Best Finance Accounts To Follow On TikTok & Instagram

The life of a college woman can be incredibly busy. Between juggling classes, internships, and social life, there can be little to no time to think about anything other than your day-to-day tasks. However, it’s important to start thinking about your financial future and make sure you’re setting yourself up for success. To feel more confident about money, it can be helpful to explore your money personality, figure out how to manage a college budget, and get real about your financial goals — even if it feels intimidating.

According to the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC) at George Washington University, Gen Z has the lowest level of financial literacy of any generation — and the pandemic has only amplified our economic uncertainty. A 2021 study conducted by Allianz reports that women have been hindered the most economically by the pandemic. Many women are trying to close the financial literacy gap, and now more than ever, it’s crucial for young women to practice good money habits and feel empowered about their finances. If you’re a college woman who wants to learn more about building good money habits, here are 10 women-led finance accounts to follow on Instagram and TikTok. 


Tori Dunlap, the founder of Her First $100k, is a globally recognized money and career expert. On Instagram and her TikTok page, she gives advice about saving money, investing, and the basics of financial literacy. Dunlap’s mission is to “get you the funds to build the life you want – and slay the patriarchy at the same time.” She made her first $100k at 25 years old, and she is here to teach other women how to use their power and money to feel more confident.


Rose Han shares easy steps on how to use money and invest on both her YouTube channel where she has 621k subscribers and on her Instagram account. Han shared on an Instagram story that her passion is “encouraging people to do things they’re afraid of, master things that seem difficult, and helping them realize their own power.” She teaches everything from “Investing 101” to crypto taxes. She also has an online course called “In the Money” that teaches how to make an additional 1k per month through generating consistent income and trading options. 


Nicole Victoria is a Certified Negotiations Expert, licensed real estate broker, CEO, and money coach with over 1 million followers on TikTok, where she shares tips for how to become financially independent. She started getting serious about her finances when she was $40,000 in debt with $0 in savings, and today, she has a net worth of over $1 million at age 30. Victoria teaches everything from “financial red flags” in relationships to the best ways to pay off debt. Her website states that her goal is to “help teach other women how to take control of their finances so they can finally start winning with money, and living the lives of their dreams.” 


Jenny Park gives relatable advice on how to have a healthy relationship with money and thrive in your career. She also shares her best financial advice for people in their 20s. If you want to become financially savvy, Park is a great person to follow for tips on debt management, credit scores, and career goal setting. 


Chloe Elise believes that you don’t have to give up Starbucks, online shopping, or practice restrictive budgets to achieve your financial goals. (Yes, you can still treat yourself to your favorite Starbucks drink while also paying off debt!). Elise shares realistic advice for women for paying off student loans, sticking to a monthly budget, and turning your side hustle into a business. 


Ellyce Fulmore is a queer and neurodivergent financial feminist educator with a TikTok following of over 497k. In a recent TikTok, Fulmore explains Queerd Co. saying, “We are going against the patriarchy the status quo, societal norms, and the main goal of Queerdco is financial equity – We are on a mission to create and spread an intersectional perspective on money and finances for all identities.” Instead of teaching money basics, she also discusses the role of privilege in financial literacy and topics like intersectional finance. She’s even launching a podcast soon called Keep Finance Queerd — so stay tuned!


If you’re looking for inspiration to take control of your money and career, Ellevest is the perfect starting point. The community contains over 3 million women who are learning how to level up in their careers while also building sustainable wealth. Ellevest posts about the realities of being a woman and how our money is affected by pay gaps, longer lifespans, career trajectory, and more. The Ellevest IG account is not only aesthetically pleasing, but the brand posts important statistics about how women interact with money as well as crucial financial advice for any college woman.


It’s not every day that you hear from a clinical-pharmacist-turned-money expert like Jessica Spangler, who managed to pay off six-figure student loans and then start a six-figure online business. Spangler calls herself a “financial feminist” and teaches women how to make money and use it wisely through multiple streams of income, smart credit card usage, and investment. If you are also a medical student sitting on a large sum of student debt, you’ll love Spangler’s advice.


According to her bio, Samantha Lenger describes herself as: “if Elle Woods was an anxious first-gen in tech.” Lenger shares honest advice about being a first-generation college student, gets real about experiencing burnout, and talks about the over glamorization of the tech industry — all while giving helpful tips on how to have a successful job interview, build your LinkedIn profile, and become a more confident entrepreneur. 


Dasha Kennedy has a powerful and inspiring life story about how she got into advising people on their personal finances. On her social media accounts, she shares how she persevered through life struggles, juggling finances, and raising two sons as a single mother. She said that it all started when she posted on her Facebook in 2014: “I need to set a monthly budget and stick to it.” Her manifestation became a reality as she is now a financial activist who educates her 179k followers on what to do in real-life financial situations. 

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