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At Cornell for the weekend!

This weekend I escaped the Harvard bubble to visit my best friend Jackie who goes to Cornell in Ithaca, NY! Jackie and I have been best friends since middle school!

I don’t have class on Thursday or Friday this semester (amazing), so I was able to come on Thursday. I had to wake up at 6AM Thursday (which sounds like something Windsor would do, not me!), to take a train to NYC and then a bus to Ithaca… the whole trip took 11 hours until I was finally in Ithaca! But I am SO happy I came because it has been so much fun to get to spend time with Jackie and also see what her life is like here. She and I were saying that one of the best parts of visiting your friends at other colleges is that now every time we talk on the phone and she tells me about one of her friends, or about a place that they went to, I actually know what she’s talking about!

We’ve mostly been hanging out and catching up, and going out to eat at lots of delicious places- Ithaca has incredible food! We also went to the Cornell gym yesterday to work out.

Here are two pictures of me and Jackie out in Ithaca!

And here’s a picture of me and Jackie in high school shortly after we both got into college! Note: Our hair is not straightened because this pic is from when we went on vacation to Florida together :)

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