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This Is The College Experience That Led Me to My Post-Grad Dream Job 

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Auburn University alumna Heather Hall Galle is a whip-smart digital marketing entrepreneur and master of words as a contributing editor for HarpersBAZAAR.com. To work for yourself (and simultaneously for a major magazine, for that matter) means hitting the ground running in college when it comes to career hustling, and lucky for us Galle is here to explain step-by-step how she stood out in such a saturated industry. The key to her success? Learning the ins and outs of marketing as a VS PINK Campus Rep in college. 

Her Campus: How would you explain what the PINK Campus Rep program is to a college woman who has never heard of it before? 

Heather Hall Galle: The PINK Campus Rep program is an opportunity to sharpen skills in PR and marketing while working with a highly recognized brand that supports the community, and college-aged women. For me, the PINK Campus Rep program provided invaluable experience in communications, event marketing, and participation in focus groups for the PINK design team that really solidified my passion for working with brands outside of just sales. PINK empowers women and the Campus Rep program encourages involvement on college campuses and in communities to promote the brand in a positive and sustainable way. 

 HC: Can you describe your experience as a PINK Campus Rep? 

HHG: The PINK Campus Rep program connected me to many groups at my university and within the community—with groups of people that I would never have connected with otherwise. The networking and sense of community I found as a PINK Campus Rep was one of the best experiences of my collegiate career. I formed a bond with the other PINK Rep at Auburn with me, Jenna, and that has grown into a 12-year continuing friendship. Our work for the program brought so many other friendships and relationships into my life as well.  

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HC: What relevant skills did you develop while participating in the PINK Campus Rep Program?  

HHG: The event marketing and PR-related experience I got while participating in the PINK Campus Rep program was truly unique. Being able to flex my communications muscles organizing outreach and promotional events sharpened my abilities and love for public relations—a career path I wasn’t expecting to pursue. 

HC: What was your first job out of college? 

HHG: My first job out of college was working with an architect and artist managing the art gallery, helping with events, and supporting the design of textiles—combining art and architecture in the studio. I also did my internship there, so I naturally stayed on after graduation. While working at WMCM Studio I simultaneously designed and produced my own fashion line, which I showed in Philadelphia and at Birmingham Fashion Week before joining the evening-wear design team at Kay Unger in New York City.   

 HC: How do you feel the skills you developed as a PINK Campus Rep applied to your first job out of college? 

HHG: The skills I developed and mastered as a PINK Campus Rep definitely applied to my first job, and other jobs after that. Branding, event, and digital marketing are just a few of the skills I easily applied to new roles. The way the PINK Campus Rep program encouraged us to promote the brand inspired me throughout my career—one of our events involved collecting gently worn clothes for the local women’s shelter. PINK sent huge, branded donation containers to participating universities across the country for us to organize a drop-off location in our community town center. We encouraged local public schools, churches, and other organizations to contribute, which was one of my first experiences in grassroots marketing. The following year we did a similar campaign supporting the World Food Bank.  

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HC: Where are you working now?  

HHG: I’m an entrepreneur and business owner. I work independently as a contractor for digital marketing, events, writing, and styling primarily in (but not limited to) the wedding industry. I manage PR and marketing campaigns, I write as a contributing editor for Harper’s Bazaar, I oversee social media platforms for clients and create content for email marketing and other digital experiences. I also produce content shoots for bridal fashion and manage events during Bridal Fashion Week. My day-to-day is ever-changing and I travel often, but that’s what I love most about what I do.   

HC:  What was the  most  important thing you did in college to get yourself where you are now?  

HHG: I taught myself time management and got involved in as many activities and groups I could manage that aligned with my career goals—and did them well.  

HC:  Did you make any connections as a PINK Campus Rep that helped you land an internship or job at any point?  

HHG: Not specifically from the PINK Campus Rep program, but my experience with a strong brand name, like VS PINK, was valuable on my resume for internships and other job applications. I am also now serving as a judge on the panel for the PINK GRL PWR Project representing Campus Rep Alumni and I am so honored to participate in this inspiring brand program.   

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 HC: What’s next for you in your career?  

HHG: In a similar way that my career has evolved, so have my goals. I never want to stop learning new things and new ways to do my job(s). I want to continue growing my business and growing as a person. As a content creator, publicist, editor and stylist, I am always looking for and finding new ways to keep myself inspired. I always thought I would have my own fashion line, but we’ll have to see where that dream takes me ;)   

To launch your own career with the VS PINK Campus Rep program, apply here. For a full list of participating universities (or to launch a chapter at your own school), head to VS PINK

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Holly was previously the Branded Content Editor at Her Campus Media, working on the national edit team to create engaging native editorial and social content for brands that HerCampus.com readers love! Her Beauty & Travel writing has been featured on Cosmopolitan.com, MarieClaire.com, and ELLE.com, where she was previously the digital publication's Editorial Fellow and Weekend Editor right out of college. Once upon a time, she led her own Her Campus chapter at George Mason University (go Patriots!).