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Campus Rep Jobs: What They Are & How to Get One

Newsflash: college is expensive. Fall semester is just around the corner, and if you’re like thousands of other collegiettes, you’re trying to figure out how you’ll keep from going broke between now and winter break. If you’re looking for a fun, resume-boosting way to make money, then a campus representative job might be the right choice for you!

What is a campus representative?

Campus representatives (also referred to as a “brand representatives,” “brand managers,” or “brand ambassadors”) are responsible for spreading the word about the company they represent. Their primary goal is to help with marketing programs on campus, occasionally even hosting workshops and throwing events to promote a brand or company. In a typical campus rep job, the company will send you a box of items to hand out to students all over your campus. Inside those boxes are advertising tools, or company swag—things like T-shirts, koozies, stickers, sunglasses, hats, etc. The ideal campus rep will give these things to students while talking up whatever brand they’re representing, in order to help that company appeal to the college demographic. Intern Queen Lauren Berger calls campus representative positions “the other internship,” explaining that they’re equally impressive to add to your resume but require less time and effort, because you get to choose your own schedule.

Thousands of college students in campuses all over the country are offered store credit, free stuff, or actual cash by promoting brands on campus. All kinds of companies seek college students for these positions, from Disney to Chipotle to Victoria’s Secret and more. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s probably a campus rep position for that field!

What’s in it for me?

For one thing, there can be financial benefits! These benefits vary from company to company. Sometimes you’re paid by the hour, sometimes with a stipend at the end of the semester, or sometimes you aren’t paid at all but receive discounts and store credit instead. 

Hannah Sellers, a junior at the University of Arkansas, is the campus manager for Vince Camuto through Youth Marketing Connection, a youth marketing agency that connects companies and brands to today’s youth and college demographic both online and offline. Hannah started as the campus manager last spring, and through her position she earned a paycheck and store credit to use on the Vince Camuto website.

Gabbie Cirelli, a sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill, just landed a campus rep job for ASOS, a UK-based clothing company. Gabbie will earn a salary and will receive clothes and accessories from the site that she’s expected to wear and advertise around campus. “I think the freebies are definitely the biggest perks, and the fact that you’re getting paid to talk about and deal with clothes – something very easy for someone like me who loves shopping,” Gabbie says. “I also personally love ASOS as a brand, so I lucked out in getting a job with a company whose clothes I can not only wear, but afford.”

Apple is well known for its campus rep program. This position pays an average of $11 an hour, up to 15 hours a week, and you get an Apple laptop to play around with for the duration of your time as a campus rep.

The second major benefit of taking on a campus rep position: once you finish, you can use the experience, skills, and attributes from this position to get another job or internship in the future! As an Apple campus rep, you will be hosting workshops, throwing events, and doing everything possible to build a relationship between your campus – including everyone from students to faculty and staff – and Apple. The resume line basically writes itself!


How do I start?

Tons of companies would love for a smart, savvy collegiette like you to apply to be a campus rep for their brand. Make a list of the brands you love—what kind of clothes do you wear? What kind of technology do you use? Which websites do you frequent? What do you eat or drink often? The brands that you come up with when you answer these questions are probably the companies you should aim to represent on campus. Talk to your school’s career services office to find out which companies are looking for brand ambassadors on your campus!

“Youth Marketing Connections is a great company to see what larger companies offer campus rep opportunities. YMC posts opportunities and applications online,” Hannah says. “I applied online and spoke directly with the program director. It has been an amazing experience!” YMC represents all sorts of brands, from American Eagle to SallieMae to Microsoft and more.

Even just creating a profile on internship or job listing websites can help you find a campus representative job that’s right for you. “Last fall I was a campus ambassador for a mobile app called Pickn’Tell,” says Rachel Jerome, a senior at Connecticut College. “It is a start-up fashion/shopping app. They found my resume on InternSushi and reached out to me, and I started working for them shortly after that.”

You can also check out The Campus Rep or Campus Hero for listings, as well as standard job search sites like SimplyHired or Glassdoor. The Mr Youth Network is also a great resource for finding campus rep jobs!


If you’re looking for a low-stress, high-reward way to have fun and make money this semester (and hey, maybe even get an internship or job out of it after you’re done), consider promoting a brand you love—start searching for a campus rep job today! 

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