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Annie gets an unlikely gift: Starcraft II

In elementary school, it was Giga Pets and Tamagotchis.

In middle school, it was Pokemon on my GameBoy Color.

Since then, it has been Super Smash Bros.

And today marks the beginning of a new era for me in my video-game-playing journey…

One of my friends just gave me a gift in the form of none other than that guyfriend-snatching, carpal tunnel-inducing, all-glorious, world-famous, and decade-in-the-making video game called Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Fellow collegiettes, if that last sentence did not stir up within you a single morsel of excitement, perhaps this next picture of a strawberry-Nutella-pistachio crepe will: 

Now rejoice with me as I celebrate Starcraft! :)

And if you’re a gamer gal yourself, holla back ;)



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