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8 Ways to Treat Your Pup For National Dog Day

Dogs. They do so much for us. They love us unconditionally, they are *always* happy to see us when we come through the door, and they make every IG post better. So, in honor of August 26th (aka National Dog Day), here’s how you can spoil your furry BFF.

DreamBone Churro-Style Mini Sticks

[bf_image id="qfnl45-6sru2w-2fu98f"]

Churro-Style Mini Sticks, walmart.com, $10, shop now

If there’s one thing my dog probably knows about me, it’s that I love churros. So when DreamBone came out with their churro-style mini sticks I had to get them for my pup. They come in both cinnamon and peanut butter flavors, and are rawhide-free. Score! These mini sticks are the perfect sized snack for any furry friend. You can pick up a 30 pack of Churro-Style Mini Sticks from Walmart for just $10, so the only decision you need to make is peanut butter or cinnamon.

Layla Memory Foam Pet Bed

[bf_image id="qfnl45-6sru2w-c7bb4k"]

Pet Bed, laylasleep.com, $124, shop now

Your pup spends a lot of time snoozing, probably almost as much as you do. They deserve a bed that they’ll love. The Layla Memory Foam Pet Bed gives your furry friend all of the benefits of a Layla mattress in a pet bed. With a flippable memory foam insert your pup can enjoy a firm or a more cushioned feeling bed made just for them. This bed is also infused with copper, durable, machine washable, and comes in three sizes. And all Layla Pet Beds come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

 SideKick Shower System from Peerless

[bf_image id="qfotai-cdih14-6n5ciy"] Shower Comb, amazon.com, $110, shop now

Obviously, I love my dog a lot. I love her, even more, when she's freshly bathed. This shower attachment from Peerless makes bathing my pup so. dang. easy. It has a long attachment hose so it can easily move around her, it has a nice steady water pressure so it can easily rinse off all of the shampoo, and it is extremely easy to attach to my shower head. 10/10 would recommend.

Jeanne Leather Dog Collar

[bf_image id="qfnl45-6sru2w-4pjk7y"]

Leather Collar, nordstrom.com, $56, shop now

I'll keep this brief, this is one of the cutest collars I've ever seen. The leather is ultra-soft and embroidered with cute little daisies making any pup look sweet as can be.

Dream Bone Spirals Variety Pack

[bf_image id="qfnl45-6sru2w-g2c83n"]

Spirals Variety Pack, walmart.com, $21, shop now

Another great rawhide alternative from DreamBone is the Spirals Variety Pack. Made with real chicken, beef, bacon and cheese or sweet potato and wholesome vegetables, your furry friend won’t be able to get enough of these delicious snack sticks. Plus these treats are enriched with vitamins and minerals to support a healthy skin and coat for your dog.

Chicken and Waffles Hide-N-Seek Toy

[bf_image id="qfnl45-6sru2w-7648zz"]

Hide-N-Seek Toy, chewy.com, $15, shop now

Calling all brunch lovers: this one's for you. Not only is this Chicken and Waffles toy adorable and extremely reasonably priced, it’ll also keep your dog engaged in a solo game of hide-and-seek. This helps keep their brain and sniffers sharp and stimulated, preventing boredom and providing daily mental stimulation. It comes with a heafty stack of waffles, complete with syrup and a pad of butter, and three plush chicken drumsticks guaranteed to keep your dog on the hunt for their squeaky goodness. 

Bark Super Chewer Drumstick

[bf_image id="qfnl45-6sru2w-3zy66u"]

Rubber Drumstick, petco.com, $15, shop now

For all of those pups out there that love to exercise their chompers, you’ve met your match. This rubber drumstick from Bark was quite literally designed for Super Chewers. Bonus: the shape of the drumstick is the paw-fect paw size making it easy for dogs to grip and hold. The best part? It smells like chicken!


Tommy & Bella Signature Collection Leather Dog Leash

[bf_image id="qfnl45-6sru2w-2pozcl"]

Leather Dog Leash, nordstrom.com, $70, shop now

Who says dog accessories have to be tacky? Honestly, nothing makes me feel more like an elite dog parent than walking my pup with a pink leather leash. It's sleek, chic, and comes in three other colors.


Maddie was the Social Media Manager of Her Campus. She graduated from Drake University in 2018, where she studied Magazine Journalism and Graphic Design. She's a New York City-based lady and you will most likely find her scrolling on Instagram, wearing a facemask, and/or talking about something pop-culture related. Oh, and she loves breakfast food so much that she named her dog Waffles. Follow Maddie on Instagram!
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