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While the end of summer vacay always meant the end of sun-soaked afternoons lounging by the pool and spontaneous late night car rides, it was also the start of something beautiful: back-to-school season. Though hair-pulling all nighters and over-caffeinated finals weeks weren’t our favorite memories from college, there was always something magical about the beginning of school; it was symbolic of a fresh start and a new beginning. And now that those days are over, it’s hard not to reminisce and look back on the things we miss the most during that time…

1. Reuniting with friends

There’s nothing like that moment when you’re reunited with your BFFs after months of being apart. The first week of school meant finally being with all your besties in one place.

2. Back-to-school shopping

As if we needed another excuse to go shopping… the first week of school was when we told ourselves to go ahead and splurge on that super pricey (but super cute) outfit. Planning your outfit for the first day was always really exciting, but now that we spend most of our days in business casual, the thrill of picking out the cutest outfits just isn’t the same.

3. Getting brand new school supplies

Is there anything better than buying new school supplies? Probably… but you can’t deny how exciting it was to get new things for your dorm room and classes.

4. Picking out classes

Finding out which courses you’d be taking that semester was really something to get pumped about. Discovering if you were reading Chaucer versus Kafka or Karl Marx versus Kant was almost too much excitement to handle… just us?

5. Having a surprising amount of free time

No stress, no worries, and no homework (well…for the most part). That pretty much summed up your first week of school. It was the only time you had an absurd amount of free time and could binge watch Gossip Girl and take multiple naps a day (we did that during the rest of the year too, but whatever).

6. Going to unlimited parties

…this one’s pretty self-explanatory.

7. Getting to see your crush

It was even better when you realized how attractive they’d become over just 3 months.  

So can we go back now? Please?