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4 Jobs You Can Do From the Comfort of Your Own Home

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I love the internet. Honestly. Aside from the fact I can look up any question I have and find the answer, the Internet has made it possible for anyone to broaden their career horizons. There are so many different paths we can take and so many business ideas that we can start up in the comfort of our own homes.

Let’s face it — the world is definitely moving towards a more entrepreneurial mindset, where people are making their own schedules and not sticking to the normal 9-to-5 shift. They work when their company demands it, not because a schedule does. By working from home you are able to work wherever you like, giving you a more flexible work environment and agenda. Here are a few jobs that you can do while sitting in your favorite pair of pajamas:

Virtual assistant

If your organized, self-motivated, and don’t mind busy work, I think becoming a virtual assistant could be a very promising position. They typically handle any number of small tasks for a particular person or business. Tasks include blogging, scheduling, data entry, and answering emails. You never know where this path could take you since it would be a remote job. You could be scheduling flights for a small business in the UK or entering data for a start-up. Good news is that anyone can become a virtual assistant!


If you have a degree in communication, English, marketing, or advertising, copywriting might be the (new) job for you. Copywriting is the ultimate working-from-home career for anyone that can write to a good standard. Typically you would put together promotional content for companies, like direct mailings, commercials, newsletters, and websites. There are also other forms of writing you can go for, such as grant writing or informative posting. If puzzles are your forte, copywriting allows you to take all of your pieces of content and put them into one big promotional content piece, from home or a coffee shop, or even on the road.


If you have any sort of accounting background and want to earn cash from home, you should really look into bookkeeping. There are a lot of small companies, local organizations, or even individuals that need bookkeepers. You do not necessarily need to be a certified accountant in order to go down this route either. A lot of small business owners are looking for freelancer bookkeepers because they cannot afford to hire someone on a full-time basis. If you’re good with numbers and can keep financials organized this might be a decent outlook for you.

Graphic design

Graphic design is something that can easily be carried out from the comfort of your own home.  A degree is not required, but some sort of qualification is as this will take a major creative eye and skill in the technology business. Companies are always going to need graphic designers to assist them with conveying information in a visual manner through the likes of websites, posters, advertisements, and logos. It is easier for them to hire someone on retainer than to outsource to a company. Some quick cash can easily be made here.

Hopefully, one of these businesses ideas resonates with you if you’re serious about changing up your career life or even utilizing some free time. Nevertheless, if you are still searching for the perfect home-based business idea, don’t stop! There are so many other options. The sky is the limit. It is time for you to reach for the stars and secure the career of your dreams from the comfort of your footie-pajamas.

Read the full post here

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