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3 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job, from the Mr Youth Network

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% from Her Campus.

Landing your dream job takes more than a GPA. It’s about what you’ve done outside the classroom: the stories you can tell, the people you’ve met, and the doors you’ve opened along the way. Check out a few tips, brought to you by the Mr Youth Network!

1. Lock down your personal brand.

Your personal brand is your most valuable asset, and your resume, your LinkedIn, and your social networks should all reflect it. Leave the best impression by presenting nothing but freshness across the board. 

2. Always keep learning.

Your textbooks only get you so far; everything else is what makes the difference. Take on jobs and projects that push your limits every day. 

3. Make it happen.

Don’t wait for experience to fall in your lap; go above and beyond to make it happen. Then take it to the next level!

The Mr Youth Network

The Mr Youth Network is a team of motivated and creative students who represent the brands they love on college campuses worldwide. Members of the Mr Youth Network learn critical business skills related to social media and word-of-mouth marketing while developing a powerful network of executives and connections that will last them throughout their professional career. Most importantly, the Mr Youth Network provides top-notch experience with global brands and kick-ass stories to rock your next interview. 

They’re currently recruiting for Adobe, Bobble, Coca-Cola, Spotify, and Ubisoft brand ambassador programs. Apply by August 22, 2013!

Ideal candidate criteria: 

  • Well-connected with student leaders, campus organizations, and the college community
  • Outgoing, creative, and entrepreneurial 
  • Well-versed in social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 
  • Responsible, positive, optimistic, reliable, and hardworking 

General responsibilities include: 

  • Word-of-mouth and guerrilla marketing
  • Campus marketing and partnership strategy
  • Social media support and content creation 

What you will receive: 

  • Resume-building, hands-on experience with top global brands
  • Opportunities to further develop your relationships, networks, and career
  • An “Influencer Toolkit” with special brand love for you and items to pass along around your campus
  • Performance-based incentives, including cash and exclusive opportunities


The experience is designed around your interests and your schedule! Friends are encouraged to get involved. Having a job on campus doesn’t get much better than this. 

If you’re ready to rock, they’d love to have you! Learn more and apply here. The deadline to apply is August 22, 2013.

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