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10 Virtual Fall Internships You Can Apply For Right Now

We live in the age of the Internet, in which Skype interviews have replaced phone interviews and “work” means being attached to your laptop and cell phone at all times or else. But another phenomenon that’s been rapidly on the rise is that of the virtual—or remote—internship. With these positions, you can work from anywhere in the country—from a Starbucks in New York City to in your PJs at home in Los Angeles and anywhere in between—as long as you have Internet access. Pretty sweet, right?

A virtual internship is a seriously awesome way to gain professional experience while saving hours in commute time and tons of money in gas or train fares. They’re also fantastic if you live in a smaller city with fewer opportunities in your field. So what are you waiting for? Remote internships can be found on almost any internship search website, but here at Her Campus we did the hard part for you. Here are 10 virtual fall internships that you can apply for today—so dust off those resumes!

1. Education Internship With Educatrium

About: Educatrium is looking for remote interns to learn the company’s operations on a training basis, with the potential to later work in the company’s office in China. Interns will be trained to teach English-related tests and will also work on various other projects including data analysis, webmastering, and book publishing.
Requirements: Applicants must have scored at least in the 90th percentile on the SAT (a score of 2100+) or ACT (a score of 28+). You must also be at least a freshman in college and attend a top 50 university.
To Apply: This internship is available year-round. You can find more information and the application form at Educatrium.com.

2. Entertainment Internship With LELA Media

About: LELA Media is looking for editorial-focused interns to work on its premier website, iaam.com. The website provides teens with information on money, career, health, and success. It combines entertainment with life skills to help spark creativity. Interns will get to write, interview, pitch story ideas, copy edit, and create digital media content. Interns are expected to work 25 hours each week.
Requirements: Strong writing and research skills are required. High school students are permitted to apply.
To Apply: InternQueen.com has more info as well as the application.

3. Exercise Science, Computer Science, Business Internships With ExRx.net

About: ExRx.net is an Internet company for people interested in fitness and exercise and is looking for virtual interns in a variety of positions. Exercise interns will maintain web content and do research; computer interns will help develop the web app, research web technologies, and edit photos and videos; and business interns will manage projects and remote staff, research future business alliances, and assist in developing new start-ups.
Requirements: Applicants must be pursuing a degree in exercise/health, computer science, or business; commit to one full semester of work, either full- or part-time; and be a college junior, senior, or graduate student.
To Apply: Applications are accepted on a year-round basis. Get more info and contact information at ExRx.net.

4. Business Internships With Braathe Enterprises
While this internship is technically listed under “business,” Braathe Enterprises is offering an opportunity for interns to tailor their experience to their own expertise and goals. Interns are expected to work 60-90 minutes each day from Monday through Friday for 5-6 months.
Requirements: Braathe Enterprises was founded to assist and educate entrepreneurs and business executives; they are looking for interns who are passionate, innovative, and looking to make a difference.
To Apply: For more information and to apply, go to braatheenterprises.com.
5. Graphic and Web Design, Social Media Internships With Athgo

About: Athgo is looking for a variety of interns to join their Remote/Online Internship program. Successful applicants will get to work in a start-up environment and interact with senior executives and world-renowned scientists and experts while working to develop the company’s online presence. Interns work for the company for 4-6 months and should expect to work 10 hours per week.
Requirements: Applicants must have experience in the field of the internship they are applying for: graphic/web design, social media, or outreach.
To Apply: For more info and the application, go to Athgo.org.

6. Medicine, Public Policy, Indigenous Studies Internships With the Center for World Indigenous Studies

About: The Center for World Indigenous Studies, or CWIS, provides a number of internships through virtual mentorship. Most projects are interdisciplinary, so if you apply, be prepared to wear many different hats! Areas of focus include indigenous studies, geopolitics diplomacy, health psychology, natural medicine, and public policy issues relating to health, the environment, and biodiversity. Interns commit to at least four months and work 20-40 hours per week, or 6-12 months during the school year.
Requirements: Applicants can be undergraduates, graduates, or postgraduates, or even not in an academic program. A fee of $35 must be submitted with all applications.
To Apply: Application information can be found at cwis.org.

7. Sport Management Internships With Sport Management Worldwide

About: If you’re looking for an internship in sports management, look no further than Sport Management Worldwide. Its virtual internship program gives participants the chance to participate in chats with sports executives, attend the sports career seminar of his or her choice, and pursue training in a chosen area of the field. Internships are offered in spring, summer, fall, and winter terms. Each intern is required to participate in three online training courses that are eight weeks long and can be taken concurrently or consecutively.
Requirements: Applicants must be looking to launch a career in sport management or business, and limited short-term travel is required.
To Apply: For tons more info and to apply, visit sportsmanagementworldwide.com.

8. Research, Recruitment, Business Internships With Chronos Consulting

About: If you’re fluent in English plus another language, this opportunity at Chronos Consulting is perfect for you. Interns will be researching in online databases and dealing with cross-border projects based in Spain, Israel, and Argentina. Interns can work full- or part-time and will improve information retrieval skills and build business development experience.
Requirements: Applicants must be fluent in another language (preferably Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, German, or French). This opportunity is open to both college students and graduates.
To Apply: Head to iwork.iagora.com for the chance to apply.

9. Social Media, Event Planning, Public Relations, Writing Internships With StrangeAngel.com

About: StrangeAngel.com is a new online dating site that’s looking for a savvy intern to help out with a radio promotion and a live event, plus tweeting, blogging and other online promotions. There’s also the potential to learn about photography, graphic design, video editing, and more.
Requirements: Applicants must be experts at all things Internet.
To Apply: You can apply at urbaninterns.com.

10. Journalism Internships With Actionable Business Training

About: Actionable Business Training is looking for a journalist and blogging intern to write about small business, entrepreneurship, and technology. Interns get to research topics, interview experts, and write their stories. This is a great opportunity if you’re looking to get some great clips and expand your portfolio.
Requirements: Applicants must have a journalism or writing background.
To Apply: Apply at urbaninterns.com.

Darci is a senior at the University of Miami with a double major in journalism and sport administration. Born and raised in the suburbs of New York City, she has worked as both opinion and assistant sports editor of The Miami Hurricane (the campus newspaper), in addition to internships with Xanga.com and Scholarships.com. When she's not in class or at her job in the swanky UM wellness center, Darci enjoys reading, baking, drinking English breakfast tea, watching endless marathons of Castle, and sleeping. Her favorite things include London, Bon Jovi, Harry Potter, and the Olympics, and she hangs her hat on having been a volunteer for London 2012 during her semester abroad there. She hopes to continue following the Olympics around the world, and invites you to follow her (on Twitter, at least!) @darcisays.
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