This Is What Glossier's New Cloud Paint Looks Like Across Skin Tones

Nearly everyone is obsessed with looking glossy. Whether you want to don a glossy lid, glossy lips or just look effortlessly glowing, it’s undeniable that Glossier’s products have a star-power dew. From Tiffany Haddish’s Glossier Lidstar shimmery look to Rashida Jones’ gorgeous Glossier Zip at the 2018 Oscars, celebrities are just as infatuated with the gloss as we are. (Does this mean that the celebs we stan are just like us, because we mutually stan Glossier?)

Though we might not have model skin, we love that Glossier’s sheer-but-natural formulas allow us to play with makeup in every way. But our fave Chrissy Teigen-approved product might be the aptly-named Cloud Paint, seeing as the glow that formula brings to our cheeks (and our souls) basically puts us on a cloud all day.

Previously we've only had four colors to lpaint our complexion canvas, but Teen Vogue reports that Glossier just launched two new Cloud Paint shades, Storm and Dawn, available now. The only questions we have: What do these new color look like on different skin tones? How can we incorporate it into our specific makeup routine? And is it socially acceptable to use these paints everywhere? 

Try a gentle, subtle touch for light skin tones.

Storm has the body of a ruby with a pastel applique. Whereas, Dawn is a cherry blush with an orange undertone. These colors are gorgeously vibrant, and it might be difficult for you to figure out how to plaster these colors on your cheeks if you have a light skin tone.

However, you can apply a small portion and lightly dab onto your cheeks. For a flushed look, apply your initial strokes closer to your hairline or temples, and blend the product out to the apples of your cheeks. This way, the color gradually fades to the center of your face and you have a dewy warmth to frame your face as well. Since you start with the product at the edges of your profile, you don’t have to worry about applying too much product—so you don’t have to fret about wearing too much blush if that isn’t your thing (though excessive blush should be an evergreen look, imo).

Or you can mix the new duos.

If you combine two Glossier Cloud Paints, you get $6 off the duo. Even if we didn’t get $6 off the normally $30 (per paint tube) pair, we’d still combine Dawn and Storm because we don’t need an excuse to make our own makeup concoction.

If you have medium skin tones or yellow undertones, you can naturally add a bit more product to the apples of your cheeks and pat the product down to the center of your face. To make your add your unique twist on the classic rouged look, you can either apply a small dot of each of the paints on your hand, blend the products together and blot them on your cheeks, or you can apply the dots directly onto your face and use your fingertips to stipple the paints together to create a unique blush.

Plus, you can apply any excess product to the bridge of your nose to seamlessly create a cohesive flushed look!

You can also use these paints on your lids.

Your cheeks aren’t the only part of your face that deserve to be painted with these rouge blushes. For a monochromatic makeup look, you can use the same paint shade as an all-over eyelid look. You can even amp up the glow by adding a gloss directly over the paint on your lids and cheeks.

Otherwise, you use it as a transition shade before you typical eyeshadow. These paints are naturally warm, however, you can easily use your fingertip to blend them onto your eyelid for a simple eye look, this way your fingers warm up the product so that they melt onto your lids to create a highly-pigmented look.

Or apply directly to the center of your cheeks.

For darker skin tones, you can apply Storm or Dawn to the middle of your cheeks and blend the product out on either direction. While this will make your blush the highlight of your makeup (even if your actual highlight is basically iridescent), the symmetry of your blending process will make your blush look like it’s radiating naturally from your skin. And who wouldn’t want to look naturally blushing?

Needless to say, you can incorporate the new Glossier Cloud Paints into your makeup regimine to make endless glowing looks. As if we needed another reason to slather our faces with blush.