Meet the Cleansing Balm That Has Me Ditching Makeup Wipes for Good

Picture this: You wrap up a long day of work or classes, make yourself a late dinner, and then start to get ready for bed. You’ve been wearing makeup all day and you know it needs to come off, so you reach for your makeup wipes and swipe one across your face, tugging at your skin until every last trace of dirt and makeup is gone. When you’re done, your eyes might be a little irritated and red, but you’re just happy that the grime of the day has been shed from your face in such a fast and convenient way.

Sound familiar? It definitely has been for me during the past like nine years, or basically since I started wearing makeup. Makeup wipes have always been so easy to use, so I’ve never thought twice about it. If I get home super late? Makeup wipe. In times of complete exhaustion? Makeup wipe. In a rush? Makeup wipe. I’m the kind of person that, no matter how late it is, must take off my makeup. I just can’t wake up with the yesterday’s makeup on. Just thinking about it seeping into my pores… clogging them overnight… all the dirt and who-knows-what from the day, just sitting there. No thank you.

However, I’ve noticed that for the last few years, my skin seems to be rejecting makeup wipes. After rubbing one across my face day after day, tugging the sensitive skin around my eyes until they’re red, my skin tends to feel tight and unhappy. The areas around my eyes have started to get dry and flakey, which signaled to me that I should be making a change. Around this time, I crashed at my friend’s apartment and she let me use her Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm. Curious to try a balm out for the first time, I scooped a small amount onto my fingers and massaged it onto my face. Right away it started to melt into my skin in the most satisfying way, like I was smoothing on a luxurious butter. After rinsing off the balm, there were no traces of makeup left. I was impressed, to say the least. It was easy and gentle, and the process doesn’t require having to waste a wipe or cotton pad every night.

After that, I was hooked on the idea of cleansing balms. I started researching them, and decided to try out a more affordable one before investing in Farmacy’s $34 balm. I realized that one of my current-fave new skincare brands has a cleansing balm for only $17, and that is how I discovered Versed Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm. I had been using a couple of Versed products in my routine already and knew that my skin reacted well, so I figured I should give the balm a fair shot.

Original Photo by Lorraine Padgett

My first impression

In the tub, you get a sizable amount of product for your money, especially considering that you really only need to use a dime-size amount each time. It has a wonderfully smooth, melty and buttery texture that feels like silk on your skin and has a subtle herbal scent. Versed’s packaging is always on point—I love the minimalist print and pastel colors, and yes, I am 100% a sucker for cute packaging. When I used this balm for the first time, it was such a pleasant experience. I scooped a small amount out with my fingers and massaged gently into my skin (no unnecessary tugging!), watching as the balm lifted up the makeup and grime from the day. After rinsing, my skin didn’t feel tight or irritated. Overall, my skin was so much happier after using a balm instead of a makeup wipe. I noticed that after using it a few more times, the areas around my eyes weren’t as dry, so that was a major improvement.

Original Photo by Lorraine Padgett

I’m probably still going to use wipes at times when I’m feeling over it, lazy or exhausted—we all have those days. I’ll probably keep some makeup wipes around as a plan B when I really just can’t bear the thought of having to rinse my face twice, but for my daily routine, I’ll be implementing Versed’s cleansing balm from now on as the step before cleansing with my beloved Milky Jelly cleanser. Balms go deeper than wipes for cleansing your skin and removing dirt and makeup. Plus, balms are way more environmentally conscious, especially if you decide to re-use the cute jar that the product comes in. No more throwing away another wipe or cotton pad every single night.

There’s a ton of options for cleansing balms out there, and some are better for certain skin types—so do a little bit of research! I would go for a balm that’s gentle on sensitive skin, because no matter your skin type, you need something that won’t be irritating in the slightest. I wish I had discovered the magic of a cleansing balm sooner, because trust me, your skin will thank you.

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