Urban Decay's New Eyeshadow Palette Has Such a DIFFERENT Design Than Their Others

Urban Decay is such a rock star brand. With a girl power founder (love you Wende) and undeniable product quality, UD continues to dominate the beauty industry with their amazing releases and collaborations. According to Teen Vogue, the latest news from UD headquarters is an upcoming collaboration with mega beauty influencer Kristen Leanne, which will feature an eyeshadow palette called “A Kaleidoscope Dream.”


Sparkle while you work Pants @byronlarsbm - Got these in Nashville at one of my favorite stores! | @nicolconcilio

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PopSugar scored an awesome screenshot of the palette on Urban Decay’s Instagram story, showcasing the design and versatility.

As you can see, this palette is so different than what we get with a traditional Naked palette. But since UD is so trustworthy, we know that despite the different style this palette will be a cult favorite in no time. Our only concern––why do we have to wait till 2018 to shop something so gorgeous?