Does Toner Actually Do Anything? This Cult Fave Actually Does

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I'm sure everyone remembers a few months back when it seemed like EVERYONE was talking about the Pixi Glow Tonic. Major companies like Buzzfeed and Teen Vogue endorsed it, the latter even naming it one of their 2017 Acne Award winners. It is also a beloved product in the beauty guru community, YouTuber My Pale Skin did an excellent video reviewing the product and praising it for helping her control her acne, redness and dark spots.

On their website, Pixi claims their Glow Tonic will exfoliate, energize, accelerate cell renewal and promote healthier, more glowing skin.

Alcohol and cruelty-free as well, it sounded almost too good to be true, so I knew I had to try it for myself.

Now I don’t necessarily have bad skin, but I do have some unevenness and red patches. I’ve been searching for a product to help me conquer this problem once and for all. Glow Tonic seemed to be a promising contender and at $15 for 3.4 fl oz at Target, it was affordable and easy to get.

Going into this my expectations for the product was the following:

  1. It would even out my skin tone
  2. It would reduce the dull patches on my skin
  3. It would reduce dark spots from previous acne scars

At first glance, I can tell you that this product is very pretty. They have really nailed their whole “aesthetic” down, with the pastel colors and sleek packaging. I was low-key excited to display this in my dorm as both a beauty product and decoration. Another thing to note is that you receive a great amount of product for the price. Their instructions for using the product is to dose a cotton pad in the toner and wipe all over a freshly washed face, seems simple enough.

One thing I especially loved about this product was the smell. The scent is very mellow and refreshing, unlike other toners I’ve used in the past which smelled more harsh and pungent. The toner’s ingredients include ginseng root and aloe vera, which probably contributed to its lovely scent!

When I used the product for the first time it definitely left a tingly sensation behind, which I can only assume was the exfoliating factors mentioned before. After wiping down my neck and face I was surprised to see how much grime it had gotten off my skin. Now mind you this was after I had used a makeup wipe, and washed my skin with my usual face wash, the Glow Tonic still managed to get even more dirt and makeup residue off my skin!

After the first use, I instantly felt like my skin looked brighter and felt softer. My nose tends to get dry and rough, but after using this product it felt so much smoother, and my pores look smaller as well!

The morning after using this product I was shocked! My dark spots already looked like they had begun to fade and my skin looked AMAZING! I felt like a goddess of skin care, never before had I looked so glowy. In fact that day I even chose to forgo my normal concealer, and rock my bare skin.

This product is definitely hyped, and for good reason! It provides almost instant results that leave you feeling more confident than ever. I cannot say enough good things about this awesome product! Whether you are a skincare fanatic or looking for more products to incorporate into your routine, the Pixi Glow Tonic is a must have for your bathroom cabinet!