These Are Seriously the Prettiest Makeup Sponges We've Ever Seen

Your beauty routine is about to get a super smart (and aesthetically pleasing) update thanks to the Evie Blender.

Every beauty addict knows the power of a really good makeup sponge - and the creators of the Evie Blender, a silicone version of the classic egg-shaped beauty blender, just made this makeup essential even better. The company made waves last month for their new and improved blender, which uses silicone to apply makeup without soaking up and wasting any product or harboring nasty bacteria after multiple uses. 

While the Evie Blender is still in the pre-order stage (they'll ship sometime in April), the sponge recently reached 300% of its crowdfunding goal via Kickstarter. To return the love to all the women who have supported them, the company just produced three gorgeous limited-edition versions that you'll definitely want to get your hands on - especially considering 5% off all their proceeds are going to support the Women's March Global as it continues to campaign for women's rights. 

We never imagined a makeup sponge could look this good, but these limited edition blenders featuring holographic glitter are downright gorgeous.


The beauties are available for pre-order on the brand's Indiegogo page for $28, and we plan to run, not walk - considering the good cause being supported, this is one beauty splurge we're not going to feel guilty about.