There's Been a Recent Surge in Lip Enhancements

More than ever, people are wanting to give the Kylie lip a try—and no, we don't just mean her lip kits. As reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2015 saw a spike in lip enhancement surgery.

Doctors claim to believe that the pressure to look good on social media had an impact on the numbers in this report. As Dr. David Colbert of New York Dermatology Group explained to Mashable, "There is a growing pressure from the Instagram selfie generation to look your best online. It's almost as if cyber reality has outdone simple life."

In addition to today’s Instagram pressures, lip enhancements (or lip augmentations, by plastic surgery terms) are thought to be popular because they are relatively less painful and costly compared to other plastic surgeries.

Needless to say, Jenner isn’t the only one trying to enhance her selfies with fuller lips—many young people have the same goal in mind.