Someone Removed the Makeup from This Doll's Face & It's Absolutely a Cursed Object Now

As if we weren’t still recovering from the latest IT movie, one Twitter user gave us another reason to have nightmares this week. @Tash3P51 posted a story about her father's seemingly harmless attempt to clean off his grandaughter’s doll, accidentally stripping all the makeup off the doll's face and leaving it looking like a serious Leatherface imposter. To make matters worse, he cut eyes out of a magazine and glued them onto the doll in an effort to restore some of her features. The final result? Just nope. 

We thought looking at our own bare face in the mirror was enough of a jump scare, but apparently we were very wrong. While we still don’t know how the Twitter user’s daughter reacted to her doll’s makeup removal fiasco, people on the internet are fascinated by this doll’s creepy make-under––and we’re living for some of these responses.

One user pointed out the similarities between the doll and Hannibal Lecter. Maybe she’s a long-lost neice?

Some people even attempted to give the doll a Photoshop-induced makeover. Oddly, she looks a little less shocking with (albeit) haphazard eyebrows drawn-on. After all, who hasn’t rushed their eyebrows (and regretted it) a bit?

Or this person who responded with a GIF of the iconic first zombie kill in Shaun of the Dead. Though the doll might not be getting any Morphe sponsorships, she clearly isn’t a monster.

Ah, just another normal day of beauty stories on Twitter.