I'm Telling All My Friends About Red Earth, the Affordable, Natural Skincare Line All Over Insta

In 2019, the conversation around skincare has become more complicated. Is it self care? Is it capitalism? Is it all an elaborate, expensive lie, or is it 100% essential to our self-love and confidence? Each week in Face Mask & Chill, I keep it simple by diving into one product that I just really, truly enjoy, whether because it helps me feel ~more zen~ or because it just, like, works.

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This week on Face Mask & Chill: my review of Red Earth. 

To be honest, what caught my eye about Red Earth was their packaging. I loooove their font, I love the metal tube their masks come in, and I love their tiny little lipstick matches. Like, how cute are these? What was so promising to me about the pink coconut line was the combination of pomegranate extract, which is supposed to help with collagen production (aka plump, happy skin) and jojoba oil, which is super moisturizing. My skin is very, very acne-prone, and jojoba oil is antimicrobial and antifungal, which helps prevent bacteria that can lead to my clogged pores. Too, a core of the line is that it has aloe, which my skin LIVES for. Any time I add an aloe-based product to my rotation, my skin literally glows.

While coconut oil has become a more controversial skincare ingredient since it's comedogenic, so it tends to be something you actually don't want to grab and just start slathering all over your skin. That being said, my skin tends to really enjoy coconut oil as a treatment, so while I'm no longer dipping into jars of the stuff, I do like finding subtle ways to integrate it into my skincare routine. So, for me, the way that Red Earth has made it a core ingredient in their pink coconut line works for my sensitive, acne-prone skin. 

Here's what I tried:

1. Pink Coconut Face Mist

Red Earth, $14; Shop now 

2. Pink Coconut Clay Cleansing Mask

Red Earth, $15; Shop now

3. Pink Coconut Lip Scrub

Red Earth, $9; Shop now 

4. Pink Coconut Nourishing Lotion

Red Earth, $18, Shop now

If I had to pick a favorite from this line, I'd immediately say it's a toss-up between the Coconut Clay Cleansing Mask and the Lip Scrub. I love the mask because it's by far one of the least-drying face masks I've ever used. I love how purifying clay masks are (kaolin is AMAZING) but at times I find them to just be soooo brutal. Because of the coconut oil and aloe in this one, it's really just more gentle to the face, which is ideal.

I love the lip scrub so much because, well, I just love lip scrubs. The fact that this one has cocoa butter, my tried and true lipcare best friend, makes it totally better. You also get so much bang for your buck because I feel confident that despite using this basically every day now, it takes a super minimal amount to scrub off dry lip skin and emerge ~anew~ which is truly ideal.

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