Rainbow Roots: The Latest Craze in Bright Hair

Just when you thought that every possible hair dye trend had been invented, rainbow roots appeared. Perfect for those who either can’t decide on just one hair shade, or for those who want to do something wild to only some of their hair, and don’t want to commit to a full head of color, this is the ultimate trend.

The trend first popped up in the Blondies of Melbourne, a salon that specializes in rainbow hair (welcome to 2017, y’all). The look involves bleaching only the roots of a client’s hair, and dying them a variety (“rainbow”) of colors, while leaving the rest of the hair a natural tone.


Personally, I have been rocking the ombré trend since the second my mother allowed me to dye my hair in the middle of high school. My affection for ombré has always stemmed from my innate laziness and unwillingness to spend an extensive amount of time in a hair salon more than once every few months; so not having to worry about my roots growing out is the ideal dye trend for me. Rainbow roots are essentially the opposite. Before you hit up your local salon (since Melbourne seems a bit far) requesting this look, realize that it will take a lot of upkeep to keep your actual roots from growing out of the rainbow.

The end result of this style is that the roots will be visible at all times, but the full extent of them will only be only visible depending on the way you style your hair. It's perfect for those who want a subtle touch... of bright, eye-catching color.

Would you try out this look? What do you think is going to be next in the world of “crazy hair trends?" Only time will tell!