Please Take a Minute to Melt at This Dog Beauty Vlogger's Makeup Tutorial

Puppers are the most pure and happy little beings on this planet, and honestly, we live for a good dog video. This week, we’ve been #blessed with a makeup tutorial from the internet's newest beauty vlogger, Malachi the pit bull. His first tutorial is intended for “blue to grey fur tones,” and it's filmed by his human mommy, Noelani.

While no makeup was actually being applied to Malachi, this doggy makeup tutorial quickly went viral with fellow pups loving the look. One fan even decided to show off his own dog park style!

Thankfully, Malachi and Noelani saw the hype and didn’t stop with the first tutorial. They released another video shortly after, and this time a special pup friend join Malachi. These good boys seem to love being the center of attention, and of course, enjoy all the pets with the soft brushes. 

Can this be an official petition to only allow dog beauty vloggers from now on? Please and thank you.