People Are Drawing Unicorn Horns on Their Eyelids

So, people have been more than a little obsessed with unicorns this year, with novelty gifts and makeup dedicated to the mythical creature popping up everywhere. The latest in the unicorn craze is a trend among beauty bloggers, who are creating gorgeous unicorn horns with eyeliner and posting pics on Instagram via #unicornliner.

One woman drew a detailed-as-hell horn with shading and ombré'd colors...

while another created a bolder, black-lined horn that's just as artful:


Unicorn liner #follow #Seattle #everett #makeup #makeupartist #freelance #linerart #unicornliner

A photo posted by Haiden Armutlu (@makeupartist.haiden) on

I am #obsessed, but also WAY too uncoordinated to even think about replicating. I'll leave it to all you talented MUAs-in-training out there to rock this look for the holidays.