The New Jeffree Star Palette Is So Damn Gorgeous

If you've never tried any of Jeffree Star's products, then get your life together and do it. He is most known for his amazing liquid lipsticks and highlighters, and his last eye palette, "Beauty Killer," all in super bold colors. But his new eyeshadow palette, Androgyny, promises us 10 jaw-dropping shades that are perfect for day or night, and in an all-new formula that improves the pigmentation and texture! He calls this a "'neutral palette' but with a twist..."

While nude palettes are great (I have four of them), sometimes you just need to switch it up. This palette appears to feature colors like rust, ruby red, and gold, and includes both mega-sparkly and super matte shades to fulfill any eyeshadow need you might have. While I'm not one to be super adventurous with color, even the darker blues and greens in the palette look like they would be wearable for daytime makeup as well as super-fierce night looks.

Jeffrree also relased a full reveal video on his Youtube channel that goes over all the colors and inspiration for this palette:

This has been in the works for nine months and finally hits the WWW on March 4! So keep an eye out and make sure you snag yours for the perfect update to your makeup bag!