NastyHands Hand Cream Helps You Stay Woke & Moisturized

This year in politics has been rough, but your hands don't have to be. NastyHands, founded by a team of badass female entrepreneurs in New York, is keeping their customers moisturized in the name of political involvement. NastyHands sells a moisturizing and fragrant hand cream "ideal for resistant hands" for $15 at The pocket-sized hand cream is the perfect accessory to pack for "all of the sign-carrying, glass-ceiling-shattering and opinion-piece-penning you might do in a day," according to their website. 


Give the gift that gives to others. #NastyHands makes the perfect gift for every change-seeker in your life

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NastyHands hand cream goes beyond just the moisturizing, though. The company donates 100 percent of the net profits from the hand cream sales to organizations that promote various social causes. During checkout, you can select to send your donation to benefit ACLUHetrick Martin Institute, and NARAL Pro-Choice America.


Stick it loud, stick it proud. Show us where you #RaiseThemHigh

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