This Is The Multi-Masking Combo I Use When My Skin Is Freaking TF Out

I spend a lot of time on skincare, to the point that I host Face Mask and Chill on our Instagram Story, and write about skincare here for you guys every week. Yes, I'm that extra, and no, I have no regrets. Some weeks, I just really have no idea WTF is going on with my skin. It's dry, and oily, and sensitive, and oh look – a whole bunch of pimples just popped up on my chin and my forehead is practically peeling. WHY.

Sometimes, I don't have the time or energy to figure out what's wrong with it. A dermatologist? In this economy?

That's when I turn to one of my favorite skincare inventions of all time: multi-masking. What is multi-masking? It's basically a magically thing that enables you to target your skin's specific problems, and only apply what it needs, where it needs it. In short? It's applying one mask to one part of your face, and another to another part of your face, and maybe even a third one for good measure.

I've been multi-masking for years now, and I couldn't love it more. It just makes so much sense, you know? When it comes to multi-masking on those hormonal, freakout weeks, I turn to two masks: Isa's Restoratives Matcha Facial Mask and Apoterra Skincare's Activated Purifying Mask with Charcoal + Flowers. It's a combination from the skincare goddess herself, aka my personal heaven.

Here's how it goes down.

First, I grab two small dishes, a cup of water, and honey. Honey is so damn good for your skin, so adding it to most dry masks is seriously going to up their ability to soothe your skin. Then, I pour a little of each mask (they're dry masks, meaning they come to you in powder form and you do some science for yourself to make it mask-ready) into its own dish, add some honey, and add some water.

Then, I mix them with a foundation brush. I always use brushes to apply my face masks instead of my fingers, and then I clean the brush in between uses. I hate the mess of most masks, and this technique helps with it juuuust enough that I'm willing to give up my beloved sheet masks for dry masks. Really, dry masks have so many benefits that I accept the inevitability of wearing a little bit of it.

Once everything is all mixed and ~scienced~, I apply. I apply the Matcha Facial Mask to my t-zone and forehead, since this tends to be the dryer part of my face. Matcha is antioxidant rich, so it helps keep skin looking young and fresh without being too intense for sensitive skin. Too, the rose and aloe in this mask makes it beyond soothing, which helps my forehead chill out a bit.

Then, I apply the Activated Charcoal & Flowers mask to my cheeks, chin, and upper lip. This mask is amazing for acne and oily-prone skin, and this part of my face tends to be where I break out. This mask really helps decongest pores and clarify, aka get that crap out of my skin and make my face smooth again. 

Here's what happens.

Magic, basically. Okay, more like science, but this combination really does always help my face SO MUCH. Multi-masking is a huge game of trial and error, and it takes time to figure out the right combination for your skin. For me, this is a go-to, and I have no regrets.

I leave this mask combination on for about an hour, though you really only need 15-20 minutes. But I work from home/hate leaving the house, so I have the time to spare. I want this to have all the time it needs to do its thing. Once that time passes, a gap during which I answer a zillion emails and take selfies, I remove the mask with warm water and gently brush away the powder with a damp wash cloth. 

Once the mask is off, am I a completely different person? Am I Rihanna? Will I never get zits again? No, because skincare doesn't work that way. But my skin feels refreshed, and the mask is the reset button I needed to get my skin to calm down. Sometimes, that's really all I'm looking for, and this combo always pulls through for me.

Want help finding the perfect combination for you? DM us, and be sure to tune into the next episode of Face Mask & Chill on IG Stories, and here. Happy skincare adventures!

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