Men On Twitter Are Recreating This Fenty Beauty Video In The Most Hilarious Way

Its no surprise that Rihanna is loved by just about everybody. With the release of her Fenty Beauty line, the singer-turned-makeup mogul has tapped into yet another group of fans with her high-end and inclusive products. 

Since the brand’s launch in September 2017, Rihanna has wasted no time producing more and more products, giving fans an initial wide range of foundation and basically everything else that you need for the perfect complexion. Rih then quickly followed with the release of her holiday Galaxy collection, which featured bright shadows and glitters––an unexpected twist from her original, more natural look. After that, she has had product hit after hit, including the Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color ($24 at Sephora). 

Just in time for the summer, Rihanna has released one more body-loving treat that she initially teased with a steamy Instagram video. 

If you can take your eyes off of how great Rihanna looks, you’ll see that this video is a teaser for her new body products, which include the Body Lava Body Luminizer ($59 at Sephora) and the Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom ($42 at Sephora), and both products are designed to give your body the perfect glow. 

I mean, who needs a summer body when you can just cover your current one in glitter and pretend that you’re Rihanna? 

Some of the products are already sold out, but that hasn’t stopped fans from recreating the now-iconic Instagram video. Instead of shelling out the hefty price tag for the new beauty essentials, men on Twitter have gotten creative using everything from toilet brushes to dogs to blend the glimmer onto them.

These videos are definitely equally iconic, just in a different way.

Complete with the hashtag #RihannaChallenge and flirty eyes like we've never seen before, these videos may have just inspired another beauty trend. However, even my boyfriend knew about the Fenty Body Lava through these posts, so if it has the ability to get men actually interested in makeup, I would call it a definite win.