Lush Just Released The Most Adorable Holiday Collection

From filling your bathtub with all the sparkles and suds you could want to making your whole body feel like butter, Lush knows what they are doing when it comes to bath and body products. And that’s not all they are good at. While creating products that feel good, they also make sure that they look good and match with the time of the year. Exhibit A) these adorable sparkly pumpkin bath bubble bars. 

But even though Halloween hasn't happened yet and is days away, Refinery29 reveals that Lush has already moved on to the next big event of the year: Christmas. And you guessed it, the products are the cutest thing we have ever seen. Feast your eyes on these bath toys so cute they will make you want to make a bubble bath and blast some Bublé ASAP. 

Too soon? Never. Check out the rest of the collection here