L'Oréal Paris Features a Hijabi-Wearing Model in Their New Hair Campaign, & Everyone Take Note

Joining the ranks of ground-breakers like Nike, L'Oréal Paris has stepped up to become one of the first major beauty brands to feature a hijab-wearing model in a hair campaign. Joining a cast of all types of women sporting all types of hair, beauty influencer Amena Khan shook the beauty world in a baby pink hijab. 


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A mega-popular beauty vlogger and founder of Ardere Cosmetics, Khan spoke to Vogue UK about her relationship with her hair and headscarf. "I didn't start wearing a headscarf until I was in my twenties, but even prior to that I didn't see anyone I could relate to in the media. It was always a cause [for] celebration when you saw a brown face on television! I think seeing a campaign like this [back then] would have given me more of a sense of belonging"

Needless to say, her role in L'Oréal's new campaign has wrought a massive outpouring of cheers and support from her fans. "No one really understands that hijabis have problems with their hair as well," one person posted. "Just because we cover our hair doesn't mean we don't have hair that's why we are hiding it or we have hair problems like any other girls that show. So I am glad we have someone representing us," wrote one woman. 

Here's hoping we see other brands rise to meet the new standard L'Oréal has set in 2018, 'cause we all want to take care of our hair.

Header Image: Amena / Instagram

Update: Amena Khan has since stepped down from the campaign due to the content of past tweets she made in 2014. You can read the full explanation on Instagram