This Indie Beauty Brand Dropped 5 Sparkly Jelly Highlighters Just in Time for Festival Season

Every beauty guru and makeup lover enjoys a great highlight, but did you know that jelly highlighters were a thing? Well they are, and they’re amazing. Nuest Cosmetics just dropped a line of Magical Jelly Highlighters that come in five different shades just in time for festival season, and you'll be absolutely obsessed.

Allure reports that the formula is vegan and that the highlight glides right on. It's pretty pigmented, thanks to its ingredients of pearl and mica, so you can feel confident in getting a serious glow. Instagram user @iiheartbeauty reviewed the little pot of shimmer, saying, “The highlighter’s texture leaves a bouncy, sensational fresh feel on my skin. Its quick-drying formula allows enough time to apply the product and blend before it settles."

And just look at the adorable package it comes in!

We're sure you want to see what it looks like on a person, so thankfully Nuest posted a video on Insta of a model showing off the product. 

I'm living for these cute little jellies, and five different colors means a ton of mixing possibilities while you dance mainstage and get glam AF at Coachella. They’re available now, so pop over to and shop the shades for just $28!