I Tried TRESemmé's Conditioner Technique & The Results Were Amazing

A few weeks ago, I found this article and felt my whole world turn upside down. The last time I’d let someone convince me that lather, rinse, repeat wasn’t the key to proper hair care, that person had been Clayton Snyder in Lizzie McGuire. Not listening to him was obviously not an option.  

That being said, I know TRESemmé is pretty darn trustworthy, so I was willing to give it a shot.  

For those of you who haven't read the article that sparked all of this (which I highly recommend you do!), the process is pretty simple;  in short, you condition before you shampoo. Madness, right? However, to quote the experts, "conditioning first softens the hair, while the shampoo after washes away the weight." Sounds good in theory, but does I'll admit to being a bit skeptical going in.  

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Now, I may or may not be in a long term relationship with Garnier Fructis. Like, it’s a little absurd.  


Even so, I’ve been known to stray (sorry, Garnier — I promise it means nothing). When I do, it tends to be to TRESemmé.    

Armed with an arsenal of hair products, I set out to test this mind-blowing theory of hair-itivity. For this project, the items in the photos above are all I used — I didn’t want argan oil messing up my results.  

And those results?  

My hair felt incredibly clean. It’s crazy thick, so getting conditioner completely out has always been a struggle; not the case when you shampoo after.  

And I was pretty darn excited about it.  

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Not only did I get super into this project, but my selfies did too. After all, I needed photographic proof, right?  


I didn’t notice any particular difference in the conditioned-ness of my hair, but the cleanliness factor made a world of difference. I don't foresee myself returning to the "normal" method anytime soon!