How to Style Your Hair When You're Trying to Grow it Out

Chopping off long locks always seems like a good idea, until you decide to grow it back... and you enter that weird stage where it's too long to style like a short cut, but too short to really do much with it. Growing that hair back can be a long and slow process—but with a few handy tricks, you'll be able to pull off those overgrown bangs or that long bob just fine. 

1. Hide long bangs

Trying to grow out your bangs? Once they start to get longer, it feels like your only choices are to have hair in your face 24/7, or just cut them again so, you know, you can actually see. While attempting to pin them back with bobby pins still leaves loose wisps in all the wrong places, a strategically-placed french braid on either side of your head will weave too-long bangs into a 'do that'll keep loose strands in place until they're long enough for other styles! 

2. Add (fake) length

It's time to get out your straightener! Especially if you've got curly or wavy texture, smoothing your hair out into a sleek, straight style will add inches to your look. Be sure to apply a good anti-frizz serum, like John Frieda's Frizz-Ease ($7.97) to give some major shine to your new, longer (sort of) locks!

3. Shorten your style

Need your hair to be a tad shorter to hit the right length? Do the opposite, and try out some loose waves. Let your hair air dry (it'll give it some more natural texture!) and then wrap strands of your hair around a curling iron, alternating directions as you go to get that piece-y vibe that Emma Stone is rocking above. And don't worry too much about frizz or flyaways—it'll only add to that casual, "I woke up like this" feel.