How to Make Fake Lashes Look Real

Now that Kylie Jenner has turned the discussion from fake lips to fake lashes, it's time to talk about how to make faux lashes look like the real thing! Lots of collegiettes are intimidated by false lashes (What if I get the glue everywhere? What if I end up looking like a drag queen? WHAT IF I CAN NEVER GET THEM OFF?!), but they really are a cinch to apply and can add a little something extra to an ordinary look.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through how to choose and apply false lashes that will look natural and blend in seamlessly with your natural eyelashes. 

Choosing your falsies

There are two types of false eyelashes: Strip and individual. Strip lashes are the more traditional false lash, extending across your entire lashline. While there are some beautiful, natural strip eyelashes at the drugstore, the easiest way to make false lashes look natural is to opt for individuals.

Some individual lashes, like this Ardell starter set ($9.99), come in a set of short, medium and long clusters of about four or five lashes each. The variety of lengths allows you to customize the look you want and helps to avoid lashes that are much too long.

Prepping your natural lashes

Even with individual lashes, falsies can look stark against your eyelid if you aren't wearing liner. Give your lashes something to blend into by applying a bit of dark liner, either a winged black liquid liner or a smudged out kohl pencil.

Before going anywhere near your lashes with falsies, make sure to apply several coats of black mascara, getting right down to the root of the lashes. Since false eyelashes are jet black, you need to make your natural lashes just as dark so that they blend together seamlessly. And, although it's tempting, don't curl your eyelashes just yet. Having a flat surface to rest your false lashes on will make them easier to apply. 

Prep your falsies

Most sets of false lashes come with lash glue included in the packaging, but if your set doesn't, be sure to pick some up at the drugstore. The Duo Eyelash Adhesive in Clear ($3.99 at Target) is great because it goes on white but dries clear, so you don't have to worry about any mistakes ruining your look. 

To prep your individual lashes, remove the lashes you want to use from the casing. Since your natural lashes get longer towards the outer corner of your eye, it's a good idea to grab a long, a medium and two short sets of individuals for each eye. If your eyelashes are naturally very long or very short, however, be sure to choose the lengths that will look the most natural! Once you've selected your lashes, place a small amount of lash adhesive on a clean surface (the box the lash adhesive comes in is fine). Now grab your trusty tweezers and a mirror, and you're ready to go!

Applying falsies

Starting at the outer corner, grab the longest cluster of lashes with your tweezers and dip the end in your adhesive. It's important to wait a few seconds for the glue to get tacky before applying your falsies to keep them from sliding around. Once the adhesive is slightly dry, place your cluster of lashes on the outer corner of your eye, as close to your natural lashline as possible, allowing your own lashes to prop up the individuals. You will have a bit of time to play with the lash before the glue dries, so make any adjustments now. 

Once your first individual lash cluster is on, repeat the steps with the rest of your lashes, remembering to work from long to short as you move towards the inner corner of your eye. To keep your falsies looking natural, don't bring individual lashes all the way to your inner corner. Only apply your lashes on the outer half of your lashline, concentrating the length on the outer corner.  

Finishing touches

Once you have finished applying your falsies to both eyes, it's time to add the finishing touches. Start by curling your eyelashes once the glue is dry, making sure to get both your natural and false eyelashes in the clamp. This will this ensure that all your lashes are facing the same direction and also press the lashes together, helping to blend them. Once you've curled your lashes, go back over your lashes with mascara to blend your natural and false lashes seamlessly.

If any of your liner has smudged or flaked away, or if you feel that the bases of the lashes are too visible, just take your liquid liner or kohl and run it over the lash bases to hide them. Add any other finishing touches to your makeup and you're good to go!

A note about strip lashes

While individual lashes tend to look more natural, strip lashes can also look great (and they're usually easier to apply!). If you do decide to go with strip lashes, however, make sure to choose a pair with a flexible, clear band, as these are easiest to apply and also blend in most seamlessly with your natural lashes. Choose a pair of soft, feathery lashes, like this pair by Ardell, that aren't too long or spidery, as this will make them look most like your own lashes.

Before applying any glue, grab some nail clippers or scissors and trim the outer ends of your lashes if you feel they are too long. Then apply your lash glue directly to the band of the lash and wait about 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky before applying them to your lashes. Make sure to stick the ends of the lashes down at the inner and outer corners using your finger or the end of your tweezers, holding for a few seconds.  When you've finished applying your falsies, curl your lashes and apply mascara to tie both sets together.

With individual lashes, clear lash glue and a bit of patience, you can have fluttery, fabulous and faux lashes that look like the real thing. Get ready to show off those peepers, collegiettes!