Glossier's New Eyeshadows Are Here & They're the Answer to My Barely-There Prayers

Do you ever feel like wearing something on your eyes, but don't really want to mess around with priming and packing and blending for eternity?

The barely-there babes at Glossier have got your back. Introducing the Lidstar Eyeshadows, Glossier's response to a world saturated with bold, dark colors and powdery kick-back messes. 


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Each of the six Lidstars boast a concoction of "floating, multi-colored pearl" and pigment, making them stand out without overpowering your look: Fawn offers a cool-toned taupe with an intriguing gold and purple duo-chrome finish, Herb is a lush green with a yellow undertone and Cub and Slip are both on the pink spectrum, with Cub being a baby pink and Slip featuring a rose-gold finish. Lastly, the shade Lily is a cool-toned lilac with blue pearls, and Moon is a super simple cream with an undercurrent of blue opal pearl.

Glossier claims these shadows last for twelve hours without "creasing, fading, or smudging" - and, there's no primer necessary. Sign me up, please. 


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Ready to trade your smokey eye in for a more subtle glow? You can get a pair of these shimmering beauties for $30 online at Glossier