This Girl Used Her Boyfriend's Balls as a Beauty Blender & It's Disturbing AF

There is an entire trend dedicated to finding alternative objects to use as a beauty blender. Many people, including Nadi (the makeup mastermind behind PopLuxe), have dedicated much of their time to proving you can actually apply makeup with things such as eggs and condoms.

But one teen—Johnna Hines, aka @punkzillaa, decided to step far across the line of common sense and boundaries, and took a leap into a territory that I can only describe as disturbing as fuck when she made a video of herself using her boyfriend's balls as a beauty blender. And yes, I mean those balls.

I only have one word for you, @punkzillaa: FUCK NO (ok that was two, but you get the idea). I mean seriously, you better hope your mother doesn't have access to the Internet, or you're gonna have a lot of explaining to do.

Eggs and condoms, sure—they're funny ways to apply makeup and they actually work, so I get it. But testicles? NO THANK YOU. This just shows that people will do anything these days for a bit of Internet fame. The best (or worst?) part about this is she made a Twitter poll, and 51% of people actually voted in favor of this. THIS IS WHAT THE PEOPLE WANTED.

Though I hope you are as thoroughly horrified as I am, admit it... you're a little bit curious. If you have the courage, you can watch the clip here, but be prepared to lose sleep tonight.

Johnna's tweet has gone so viral that famous MUAs have weighed in on the matter:

And because Twitter is the funniest place on the internet, but also the most socially and environmentally conscious:

Good question. Now I would like some answers.