A Fan Called for Trans Fenty Beauty Models & You Have to See Rihanna's Response

Rihanna has been killing the diversity game since she launched Fenty Beauty, and now she's added a liquid lipstick that fits on all skin tones. Fenty has become a household name, with 40 foundation shades at $32 each. Now, it's apparent that her community feels comfortable enough around her to voice what they want to see out of the brand.

Twitter user, @lbertootero suggested over DM that the next time the singer had a casting call for her beauty line, she invite trans women as well. Rihanna responded to the request, saying: 


Rihanna’s message is an important one: while it's important to celebrate diversity, she's not looking to fill quotas or manufacture diversity. Rather, she’s going to have open casting calls for all women so that diversity occurs naturally. 

Rihanna continued to DM the fan, soothing their concerns about coming across as critical by saying, "You absolutely didn't babe! Just didn't want you to think I intentionally leave anyone out!” The fan, thrilled by her response (and probably the fact that a world-famous celebrity was DMing them), shared her responses on Twitter. 


The rest of Rihanna’s fans aren’t staying quiet about her message either, and many are even calling for the singer turned mogul to be president. To be honest, I would vote for her too!